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Big Hurt, Frank Thomas' (Gottlieb, 1995) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb SS Recreation Big Hurt, Frank Thomas' (Gottlieb, 1995) VP8 v5.7 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Gottlieb 1995,
IPD No. 3591

Note from Xenonph:
This table needs a Pre-Initialized nvram file to accept coins.
Download Bally 6803 & Gottlieb GTS3 nvram pack and place contents of zip file in nvram folder, located in VPinMAME folder.
Find Bally 6803 & Gottlieb GTS3 nvram pack here..

Version 1.1.2
Rule sheet by Stephen Jonke (sjonke@jagunet.com) with voluminous help from Ken Walthew (kenw@gstand.com).
Thanks also go out to John Gantert (jgante1@gl.umbc.edu) and Lee Van Doren (eatlv@eanim1.nse.att.com) for help in getting the basics down and to all members of the Free State Pinball Association - visit FSPA's web page at:


Yes, that was just a shamless plug, but hey, I'm writing this and I can put anything I want in it! :p :-). Lastly, thanks go to Jonathan Deitch and Brian Dominy whose Demolition Man rule sheet I shamelessly copied as the basis for this rule sheets formatting! :-)
Frank Thomas' Big Hurt (BH) is a narrow body, 4-ball, baseball themed game. Anything and everthing that Gottleib Premier might consider to be their legal property is, in fact, quite likely their legal property. "Big Hurt" is the property of "Big Hurt Enterprises". "Reebok" is also on there and they own that name.

Please email suggestions and errata to sjonke@jagunet.com.


Corrected multiball rounds (4th ball only in "easy" settings.)
Updated FSPA home page URL.
Small formatting changes.
Playfield Description and Layout
This description begins at the center bottom and progresses roughly clockwise around the playfield.

Flippers: There are two flippers at the bottom as usual and one upper left flipper. All are normal size Gottleib flippers. *All* of the flippers feature Gottleib's Insta-Catch (tm).

Slingshots: Two standard slingshots in the usual positions.

Left Inlane: Raises the home run ramp and starts the right loop flashing. The inlane switch is *not* triggered if the ball is fed to the flipper via the left gap.

Left Outlane: Collects 3 Trading Cards. There isn't any rubber on the post between the inlane and outlane.

Card Standup: A thin, rectangular, white standup target just below the upper flipper. It's half of "Card Trade". Getting both Card and Trade lights the right scoop for Card Trade.

Captive Ball: A captive ball just above the upper left flipper. Used for combos.

Trade Standup: A thin rectangular, white standup target just above the upper left flipper. It's half of "Card Trade". Getting both Card and Trade lights the right scoop for Card Trade.

Left Field Loop: Left side of the loop shot. Initially worth 500k points. When shot the value increases and flashes for a short period of time. If it is hit again the value increases and the timer resets. The values are: 500k, 5M, 50M, 500M, ?. The "?" scores ONE BILLION points!

Left Scoop: This is a wide, inverted scoop just to the right of the left side of the loop. It doesn't send the ball under the playfield, but up to a plastic/metal habitrail that feeds the ball to the upper left flipper.

Center Ramp: A very wide metal ramp that sends the ball over the Warning Track (WT). A solid shot to the left side of the ramp goes into the Left Gap. A solid center shot goes into the home run hole. A solid shot to the right side goes to the Right Gap. A weak shot will fall into the WT and head either back to the left flipper, or to the pop bumpers. The center portion of the ramp can raise allowing for shots at the Big Hurt sign, or the large rectangular targets to either side of the Big Hurt sign.

Glove: This is a moving glove at the top of the Center Ramp. It is similar to World Cup Soccer's goalie and will block shots going up the ramp. A solid hit on the glove counts as a "catch". A weak hit counts as a "single".

The design of the glove is pretty clever - when the center portion of the ramp is raised the glove actually catches the ball and drops it on the opposite side of the raised ramp. Apparently on some machines it then goes STDM, but this doesn't happen too often on the BH I play, although it does head toward the tip of the flippers. If it does head STDM there is a center post there to save it if you can get yourself to lay off the flippers! :-)

Warning Track (WT): A trench which the ball must jump to make it to the left gap, right gap, home run hole and other shots behind the ramp. If the ball falls into the WT it either feeds to the left flipper (if the ball rolls left), or goes to the pop bumpers (if the ball rolls right.)

Left Gap: behind the left side of the center ramp and past the WT. Feeds the ball to the lower left flipper. A shot to the Left Gap during single ball, non-mode play advances the "inning". Innings raise the super jackpot by 100M and work toward the 7th Inning Stretch. After the 9th inning is completed, subsequent left gap shots score 30M and then the right gap is lit for same, repeat.

Home Run: a hole behind the center portion of the center ramp and past the WT. A shot to this scores a home run (HR) or a grand slam (GS) if the bases are loaded. HRs score 10M. GSs score 40M.

Right Gap/Players Choice: behind the right side of the center ramp and past the WT. Feeds the ball to Players Choice and then to the right flipper. A shot to this when lit during single ball non-mode play stops the ball at Players Choice.

Big Hurt Sign: This is a small sign above the home run hole that swivels back when the ball hits it, dropping the ball into the home run hole. This can usually only be hit if the center portion of the ramp is raised.

Left Sign: This is a large rectangular target to the left side of the Big Hurt Sign. A shot to this target adds a letter to "GRAND SLAM". This usually can only be hit when the center portion of the ramp is raised.

Right Sign: Similar to the Left Sign, but to the right of the Big Hurt Sign.

Load Bases: this is a lane at the top right portion of the playfield, just above the pop bumpers and below the top of the loop. A ball that rolls through this lane loads the bases.

Big Hurt Pothole: this is a pothole in a lane next to the Load Bases lane. If the ball falls into this pothole a letter is added to "BIG HURT". Spell BIG HURT to collect double jackpot. The pothole kicks the ball down to the pop bumpers.

Pop Bumpers: Two of them just below the Load Bases lane and Big Hurt Pothole. Hits on these change the random award value. Pressing and holding both flippers stops the pop bumpers. Hits on the pop bumper switches change the random award value even if the flippers are held. Balls exit from the pop bumpers by dropping into the Bullpen hole.

Bullpen hole: A hole just below the pop bumpers. Feeds to right flipper. When the ball rolls in here *after* pop bumper switch closures, the current bullpen award is given. The ball is then fed to the right flipper. If the ball does *not* touch a pop bumper before entering this hole, then the ball will roll to the right scoop without giving a bullpen award, but will give whatever the right scoop is lit for.

Drop Targets: A bank of three to the right of and below the center ramp. They can be independantly knocked down by the game. Complete the drop targets to raise the center portion of the center ramp and add a base runner. Also used for the skill shot, combos and stolen bases. If nothing special is going on they score 30K each.

Right Field Loop: right side of the loop shot. Initially lit solid. After shooting, going through the left inlane or getting a home run it flashes and if shot increases jackpot by 10M. If "Big Hurt Shot" is lit, a diverter will stop the ball at the top of the loop, sending it toward the Big Hurt pothole and the load bases rollover.

Right Hole: Just below the right loop and above the right inlane/outlane. Can be lit for Start Round and/or Card Trade. Feeds the ball to the right flipper.

Right Outlane: In the normal place. There isn't any rubber on the post between the inlane and outlane.

Right Inlane: Raises the center portion of the center ramp for a period of time and lights the captive ball and left scoop for "combo". The inlane switch is *not* triggered if the ball is fed to the inlane via the right gap/players choice, bullpen or right hole.

Center Post: In the usual position for a center post.

On the playfield just above the flippers are lights in a diamond pattern, representing first base, second base, third base and home plate (home plate is the "shoot again" light). These lights show how many runners you have on base and where they are. Advance runners by getting singles, walks, stolen bases and home runs/grand slams. Runs scored are counted and are a small part of the end of game bonus.

Skill Shot
After plunging, the ball is fed to the upper left flipper. Shooting the raised drop target awards a home run/grand slam and 10M/40M points respectively. The ball goes straight toward the upper flipper like a baseball being pitched to the batter, but if you hold the flipper up the ball will bounce up toward the captive ball and back down to the flipper for a relatively easy shot at the raised drop target.

Rounds (Modes)
Rounds are started from the right hole when lit. After finishing a mode, get a "catch" to relight Start Round. The modes are:

Golden Glove - 2 balls are launched into play. Shoot glove for catch + 20M. Unlike normal play, any hit on the glove, weak or strong, counts as a catch. Catch awards are also given during this mode, so you can really rack up some points and work toward the Catches Champ. After the first successful catch a 3rd ball is launched into play.

Frank's HR Derby - 2 balls are launched into play. Shoot the home run hole for home run/grand slam + points (10M for HR, 40M for GS). After the first home run a 3rd is plunged into play.

Steal Home - Timed mode. Player is on 1st base. Shoot left scoop, then center drop target to steal a base. Steals score 20M, 30M then Extra Ball + 40M. Steals also collect a card. 5 seconds are added to the timer when the left scoop is shot. The mode ends after home plate is stolen or the timer runs out.

#35 All Stars - Timed mode. Any shot up the ramp that gets by the glove, or any shot to the right scoop, adds a player to the All Star lineup, collects 10M+10M and adds 2 seconds to the timer. The mode ends when the timer runs out, or after 9 players are added to the lineup. Completing the mode scores a total of 450M.

Frank Thomas Cards - 2 balls are launched into play. Left and right orbits are lit for 10M + Trading Card. After the first successful shot a 3rd is launched into play.

Night Game - 2 balls are launched into play. 2 major shots are lit (left loop, left gap, home run, right gap or right loop. Lit shots move around. Shoot one of the lit shots to complete an inning. All of these shots also score 3M whether or not they are lit. After the first successful shot a 3rd ball is launched into play.

World Series
After completing all normal modes, World Series is lit. Light the right scoop and shoot it to start this mode. World Series is a timed 1-ball wizard mode. Shoot left loop, left gap, right gap and right loop for 30M each. After completing those shots, home run is lit for super jackpot.

Many of the rounds in BH are multiball rounds. In addition you can choose "regular" multiball from the Players Choice (right gap) when lit, or get it as a bullpen award. The sequence of shots in this multiball is: home run (scores jackpot), orbit, homerun within 5 seconds (scores double jackpot), orbit, homerun within 5 seconds (scores super jackpot). The sequence can be repeated for more jackpots, double jackpots and super jackpots.

If you don't hit the homerun before time runs out, shoot an orbit again to restart the timer and raise the ramp. After the 1st and 2nd HR's a 3rd and then 4th ball are plunged into play.

Jackpot & Super Jackpot
Regular jackpot can be scored during 7th Inning Stretch, during regular multiball, by spelling BIG HURT (double jackpot) and from a bullpen award or card trade. The base value is 20M. Advance jackpot by 10M during single-ball, non-mode play by shooting the right orbit when it is flashing. The right orbit flashes after shooting it, after a HR, after the ball rolls left out of the warning track or when the ball rolls over the left inlane switch. Also, during 7th Inning Stretch or regular multiball (when any jackpot is lit) shoot the left loop to advance jackpot by 10M. The jackpot value carries over between balls.

Super jackpot can be scored during regular Multiball, World Series and as a Card Trade. The value of the super jackpot is 100M x innings completed for a maximum of 900M. Complete innings by shooting the left gap during single-ball, non-mode play or during the Night Game mode.

Innings & 7th Inning Stretch
Complete innings by shooting the left gap during non-mode single ball play, or via the Night Game mode. After finishing the 6th inning, 7th Inning Stretch begins. 7th Inning Stretch is a 4-ball multiball. Shoot left loop to advance jackpot by 10M. Shoot right orbit or center ramp past the glove to add a letter to BIG HURT. Spell BIG HURT to collect double jackpot.

After finishing 7th Inning Stretch, completing the 9th inning lights the left gap for 30M. After shooting the left gap the right gap lights for 30M. Repeat.

The value of the super jackpot is based on innings completed: 100M x completed innings, for a maximum of 900M.

Grand Slam Derby
Spell GRAND SLAM via the left and right signs or bullpen awards. After spelling GRAND SLAM, Grand Slam Derby begins. This is the similar to the Frank's HR Derby mode, except that each home run shot counts as a Grand Slam and collects 40M, and it is a 4-ball multiball - all 4 balls are plunged into play at the beginning of the round.

Catches & Glove Awards
A solid hit on the glove counts as a catch and collects 1M. A weak hit on the glove counts as a single and collects 100K. A "catch" relights the right hole for Start Round if it is not already lit. Catches are also accumulated for awards:

10 catches: timed extra ball at left or right loop
20 catches: 50M
30 catches: 100M & lights right orbit for 100M
Frank Thomas Trading Cards
You collect trading cards by getting a steal (awarding 1 card), via the Frank Thomas Trading Cards mode, via a bullpen award, or get 3 cards at the left outlane. At the end of the game you collect 10M per card or you can trade cards for goodies at the right scoop when Card Trade is lit. Trade-ins and number of cards needed for each are:

1-2 Flash Left Field for 5M
3-4 Advance Inning
5-6 Collect Jackpot
7-9 Flash Left Field for 50M
10-12 Extra Ball or Multiball if EB has already been traded for
13-15 Flash Left Field for 100M
16 Double Entire Score (!!)
17-19 Collect Super Jackpot
20-29 Flash Left Field for 500M
30+ Double Super Jackpot
Bullpen Awards
Bullpen awards are collected at the bullpen hole *after* pop bumper switch closures. The current bullpen award is changed via pop bumper switch closures in roughly the following order:

Extra Ball (If the EB % is below operator setting)
5 Cards
Add Letter to Grandslam
Light Double
Advance 2 Innings
Advance 1 Inning
Collect Jackpot
3 Cards
10 Cards
Advance 1 Inning
Add Letter To Big Hurt
Light Double
Add 2 Letters to Grandslam
The award collected is removed from the list after you collect it. The list resets after collecting all items.

Players Choice Awards
A shot to the right gap when lit for "Players Choice" during single ball non-mode play stops the ball and gives the player a choice between two awards. Select an award with the flippers. The awards are offered in the following sequence:

Add 2 to GRAND SLAM or Multiball
Add 2 to GRAND SLAM or Light Double
Add 2 to GRAND SLAM or Hurry Up Extra Ball/Home Run
Add 2 to GRAND SLAM or Advance 2 Innings
Add 2 to GRAND SLAM or Multiball
Add 2 to GRAND SLAM or Light Double
Add 2 to GRAND SLAM or Multiball
Depending on the difficulty setting (?), if you have more then 100M points, Players Choice is toggled on and off by slingshot hits. If it isn't on you get 30K points. Note that if you pick "add 2 to GRAND SLAM" then the next Players Choice will be between the exact same 2 choices. It won't offer the next 2 choices until you select the other award.

Combos score 20M, 40M and then 80M for each *lit* combo shot made in sequence. The first shot in a combo is not lit, but lights the next one. I.e. you get points starting with the second shot in a combo. All combos end in the 2-way combo sequence. Known combos are:

2-way (20M): left scoop/captive ball, then center drop target.
3-way (20M + 40M): Bullpen/right gap/right hole, then left scoop/captive ball, then center drop target.
4-way (20M + 40M + 80M): right inlane, then left orbit, then left scoop/captive ball, then center drop target.
Each shot in a combo must be made in sequence without touching any other switches.

Walks & Steals
In addition to being a combo sequence, shooting the left scoop and then center drop target collects whatever was lit at the left scoop (walk, or steal). If walk was lit, steal will start flashing. Repeat the sequence before it times out to get a steal and a trading card (plus combo awards).

End of ball bonus is calculated as: # of catches x 1M

At the end of the game bonus is calculated as: (catches x 1M) + (trading cards x 10M) + (runs x 1M).

There are several categories of champ you can go for in addition to the usual high score list and Grand Champ:

Homerun Champ
Grand Slam Champ
Catches Champ
Stolen Bases Champ
The status display shows how many HRs, GSs, catches and stolen bases you have, as well as the total of the current champ in each category. Beating the current high in any category lets you enter your initials and gives you a credit.

Shoot the blinkin' lights! :-) Seriously, I'm no pinball wizard, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt, but in general it seems to me that a lot of stuff in the game is worth good points, but the things to work for are raising the regular jackpot up high (shoot the right loop when it's blinking - always!), then getting the super jackpot to it's max (9th inning), and then going for regular multiball a lot. It's better to first work on raising the regular jackpot because then when you get to the 7th inning stretch you can collect a lot of points from double jackpots. I've raised the reg jackpot as high as 270M.

If the reg jackpot value is high and you've made it to the 9th inning then you're almost guaranteed to get good points out of multiball even if you don't collect a super jackpot. If you do get super jackpots, then all the better. Everytime you get Players Choice always pick the right (side) award or you won't advance to subsequent awards and thus won't get more regular multiballs.

In the process of trying to do that main goal you'll get modes, EB's lit and other good stuff along the way. Most things are worth doing once they have started, so don't waste them when they do.

Keep track of your trading cards. You'll get the most cards out of bullpen awards and the Frank Thomas' Trading Cards mode - going for steals to get cards isn't really worthwhile unless you are close to 16 cards and you want to get there safely (see below). Trade in 10 to 12 cards the first time for an EB. Then the next (and subsequent) times try to stop your total at exactly 16 which you can trade in to double your entire score! If you have a good score (say 1B or more) and have somewhat less then 16 cards, it's worthwhile to stop what you are doing and go for steals in order to get to exactly 16 cards (each steal awards a card). Once you get 16 cards, trade them!

If you get to 16 cards, be wary of the pop bumpers - there's nothing more frustrating then having 16 cards, trying to get trade cards lit, accidentally hitting the ball into the pop bumpers and receiving a bullpen award of N cards! Trust me, this *really* bites! :-) If you do go past 16 cards it's probably better to trade for a Super Jackpot then to try to get enough cards for Double Super Jackpot. Instead take the SJ and try to work your way back to 16 cards again. In any case, beyond 16 cards it is better to trade then to not trade. By that I mean to not be fooled by the 10M x trading cards you get at the end of the game. SJ, double SJ or even flash 500M are worth more.

Don't forget that BH has a combo plunger. During multiball and the modes where it does't already divert the ball, I find it a good idea to use the manual plunger before the game kicks the ball itself, and plunge the ball lightly so that the ball goes to the BIG HURT pothole. The more double jackpots you get via spelling BIG HURT the better, and if it goes to the load bases rollover, that's not bad either. More importantly the ball will be fed to the pop bumpers and then neatly to the right flipper, which is a lot nicer then a ball screaming around and out the left side of the loop.

And don't forget: "Use the flipper!" :-)
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