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Big Money (Original) VP8 by Spike

VP8 Flipperless Original Table Big Money (Original) VP8 by Spike v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Insert coin and push plunger to reset table. HOLD plunger until all balls are in the trough.

All holes are worth value shown, but only when you successfully make the PAY hole.

Five balls per game.

You may get shocked if you stick your fingers in the holes. So don't do that :)

Known Problems:

The trough area acts a bit fake since I had to use 10 kickers to controll ball flow. Without these kickers, due to the way VP handles objects, the balls would 'merge' and occasionally get lost. There is still a slight problem with ball merging, but it is minimal. The top gate acts as the trigger to feed the next ball to the plunger. If you hit the gate, but do not go through it, you will end up with two balls at the plunger.

These problems tend to sort themselves out over the course of several games. If VP didn't merge the balls there would be no problems and I could rip out about 20% of the code as well. Maybe this will get fixed in the next version if there is one.
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