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VP8 Billiards Engine v0.9Z.3F.BallCleanup

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A WIP template for building pool and billiards games in VP. This was built with VP8, and may not work with VP9 and VPX. Although I had intended to follow this all the way through in order to build some finished games, such as bumper pool and 9-ball, there is still much to play with here, and you are free to expand on this as you wish, so long as I retain a credit.
  • The "<" and ">" keys will rotate the table to any of four views, something unique in VP tables AFAIK.
  • The striped balls use simple animations to roughly simulate rolling effects. Silly, but fun and effective.
  • The slightly flawed physics of the earlier (green table) edition have been corrected thanks to @TheHermit.
  • In the beginning of the script there is a control panel area which will allow you to change the physics, function, and layout of the game.
  • Be sure to enable ball decals and shadows for best visual results!
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Nice! I'll have to play around with this one when I get the time. Nice work!:appl:
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