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Blue Max (Chicago Coin, 1975) by misterredfox

Chicago Coin EM Recreation FP Blue Max (Chicago Coin, 1975) by misterredfox v1.0

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by misterredfox
at 2014-09-29
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Chicago Coin Machine Manufacturing Company (1932-1977)
Date 1975
IPD No. 327

FP Physics 1.0

Chicago Coin's "Blue Max" 1975

This is the 4-player version of the same playfield as the Red Baron.

Full credit and thanks to bob78954 for all his work making the Red Baron 2.0 table. This is just a slight mod off his hard work with the following changes:

Blue Max backglass (w/changes to allow for 4-players)
Plane plastics images (and spinners) updated
C & E target graphics updated and changed to drop targets

The actual Blue Max pinball machine I have is non-OP, so the lights on the backglass were based off what looked appealing to me.

This table is a mod of :
Red Baron 2.0
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