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Blue Oyster Cult - Behind The Music (Original) by Cujopb

SS Original Table FP Blue Oyster Cult - Behind The Music (Original) by Cujopb v1.0

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Solid State Machines
Author: Cujopb (special thanx to Onurb)
Release Date: 10/30/2010
Dont Fear the Reaper!

There are three successive modes. All three modes begin when all Upper Stage targets are downed.
Score at least 10 cowbell strikes before moving on to the next mode (otherwise you will repeat PRACTICE mode). If you do really well at practice, your score will be saved as 'Cowbell Hero'.

Hit Drummer and Bassist Ramp to open Left outer lane.
This outer Left lane is a short-cut to Upper Stage.

Completing Buck, Gene or Eric ea add to Jackpot for next 30 seconds.

Hitting all BUCK Targets drops POPUP for 60 sec. Hit Popup to begin Multi-Ball.
Buck solo Multiball: Listen to his solo during Multi-ball This also enables adding to Jackpot for entire solo.

Complete the Third Stage (get Gene to center stage) OR Gather ALL players for JACKPOT!
For the Third Stage, use the upper flipper buttons (to make a softer shot). Use Ctrl keys for soft-shot flippers.
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