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Bone Busters (Gottlieb, 1989)

Gottlieb SS Recreation BAM FP Bone Busters (Gottlieb, 1989) v1.1

No permission to download
by GeorgeH, RL
at 2018-05-09
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Premier Technology (1984-1996)
Tradename Gottlieb
Date 1989-08
IPD No. 347

Custom PhysicsFP Physics 2.7

*** Version 1.0 ***

Game Notes: WIP / V1.0 / 4-24-18 ** Additional Scripting needed **

Gottlieb - Bone Busters Inc. / IPD No. 347 / August, 1989 / 4 Players

A usable playfield for this table did not exist, though I was able to use use Constantino Mitchell (One of the original Artists) line art which he had uploaded to IPDP.org, so thank you to Constantino. Since it was only B&W line art, it of course had to be painted in full color- which was no small task. All lights have been accuratley placed.

The original sounds have been extracted & equalized from the ROM, which is a royal pain in the ass using MAME32. M1 would not reconize this ROM. I believe the sound manager file is complete. Since I don't have a working model of this table, I am using a best guess for implementation and placement of sound files.

** The physics of the table are complete and working, the upper right "auto flipper" is functional(no need to use shift key on ramp shot- only use key on other shots) though scripting on some elements are probably wrong. Also some functions regarding sequence of events for mutiball, bonus multiplier, etc are missing. Somebody familar with the rules will hopefully add additional script functions. Please mod where needed, and add a rule sheet if possible.

The table currently uses BAM w/ p2.7 - xml file, and plays reasonably well. A HiRez Folder containg playfield/Wheel art included.

I never played table without p2.7 - so I am not sure how it would play without FP game loader, though I would guess plunger strength would be a initial problem.

A callout to GeorgeH to tweak the physics would be appreciated. Maybe a version with and without BAM?

Thanks in advace to anyone who contributes!

*** Version 1.1 ***

I have created custom physics for Bone Busters which requires the use of Better Arcade Mode (BAM). To answer RL's question, there is no way to create custom physics without BAM. If you do not have BAM, it is very easy to install. You can download the most current version at the following link. This installation file installs Future Pinball and BAM at the same time. If you have either Future Pinball or BAM already installed, you can still run it and it will bring everything up to date:

Note that an XML file is not needed for the custom physics on Bone Busters (but you still need to use BAM). The XML has been added to the script. I had some difficulty with the ball not going up the wire ramp after it leaves the plunger when using the custom physics. I fixed the problem by removing one of the sections of the ramp and extending the remaining ramp forward.

Unknow - just play the table!

See decription.
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