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Solid State Machines
by Anthias
at 2011-03-06
Type Original

A pinball based on the hit TV series. Being myself a qualified anthropologist, this is one of my favorite shows. I highly recommend the DVD sets. This is the version 0.9 - complete excepting that the eventual 1.0 release will include toys (the Angelator and skeletons etc) and more animations in the DMD throughout the game. There is currently no ETA on the 1.0 version.
light FBI for find the body mode. shoot all three kickers in the time limit to complete the mode.

light BONES for bumper times 3 for 30 seconds.

light ID for Identify the victim mode - light all rollovers in the top lanes and the in/out lanes to complete within the time limit

Drop both 6 target banks to light JEFFERSONIAN (4 ball multiball mode) and to complete a case.

complete the above modes in sequence (Find the body, call bones, ID the victim, and pull together the whole team with JEFFERSONIAN - in this order to complete the case. Completing a case increments the table multiplier - up to 7x. The bank of four rectangular lights in centre playfield track your case progress.

in/out lanes light ball saver for 30 seconds
top lanes increment bonus multiplier.
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