Bottom of the Ninth (Original) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Original Table Bottom of the Ninth (Original) VP8 v2.0 2020-01-28

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By Andy H

Created By Andy H.

There are two parts to this game.

Part 1

When you launch the ball, the ball will go into an area with one flipper, 4 targets, and one gate. The object is to get the ball through the gate before hitting the red STRIKE targets 3 times. If you do so the ball will go into the 2nd part of the game. If you hit the blue BALL targets 4 times before you exit the gate, a walk will be scored. If you hit the red STRIKE targets 3 times before exiting the gates, an OUT will be scored. 3 OUTs and the game is over.

Part 2

After exiting the gate, the game will enter part 2. You will see the baseball field in this part of the table. The object is to try to avoid hitting the blinking yellow triggers, while hitting the blue targets in the outfield. If you avoid the yellow triggers, but don't hit the blue targets, a single is scored.

Here is how the scoring goes:

Hit yellow trigger -- Out
Hit BALL target 4 times -- Walk
Miss triggers, miss targets -- Single
Miss triggers, hit DOUBLE -- Double
Miss triggers, hit TRIPLE -- Triple
Miss triggers, hit HOME RUN -- Home Run

Away [ ] [ ] [ ]
Home [@] [#] [ ]

@ Your runs
# Your base hits

By Andy H.
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