Bouncerino Trade Stimulator (c.30's-50's) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation Bouncerino Trade Stimulator (c.30's-50's) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

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In our game the ball replaces the penny, and if you are lucky, you wiill win a symbolic free drink or discount on a sandwich. And just as it took a good bit of luck, it will take right amount of nudging to beat Bouncerino Trade Stimulator, the VP edition. Proof that Bouncerino was nearly impossible to win at, notice the size of the coin box. I added a Tilt to make it interesting & harder. tiltjlp

1930's-50s Bouncerino. Coin drop games are very simple. A player drops their coin in a slot where it then falls by gravity down the playfield striking pin's which randomize it's trajectory.

In Bouncerino, you risked a nickel tp win a dime, quarter, half- dollar, or even $5.00. Otherwise the game simply kept the mickel and the player could try again. If you won, the owner or nar keep would give you either a free drink for small winnings, ir a voucher or chit for larger winnings. Our version pf Bouncerino lets players win a lot more often than the real thing would have.

Such Trade Stimulators were very popular in bar's where patrons would insert their spare change. Win's were shown to the proprieter who would then payout a win as either a free drink or a cash prize (usually five or ten cents on a penny machine). many variations of coin drops were produced throughout the years including ones that had actual jackpot's which could be made to payout when a coin landed in a particular games winning target.

More About Trade Stimulators & Counter Top Games From the late and highly respected Dick Bueschel, coin-op historian, in his Guide to Vintage Trade Stimulators & Counter Games.

The perfect vintage collectible is one with a beginning and an end, and yet still numerous enough to enable enthusiasts to build collections. Here's a comprehensive guide to just such a collectible. Coin operated trade stimulators and counter games got their start in the saloons of the 1880s.

Things changed with the coming of the Prohibition and the disappearance of saloons in 1920. Checkout counters in stores, restaurants, and cigar shops became the primary locations, where these counter games helped stimulate trade.

The Great Depression, followed by the Repeal of Prohibition in 1933 propelled the industry to new heights and prominent makers such as Groetchen Tool, Buckley, Bally, Pierce Tool, and many others were kept busy until the 1960s. You'll get to know all the makers and their machines by name, date, and appearance in this colorful collector's guide.

Over 800 photos, detailed machine descriptions, manufacturer production data, and an interchangable machine name list will make you an instant expert, ready for shows, auctions, and collector trading. The accompanying price guide will insure that you buy or sell smart and well.

Plus, you'll enjoy every page for its interesting history and content in the most complete book on this subject to ever see print. And luckily I am a proud owner of this wonderful book. --@tiltjlp
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