Bow and Arrow (Bally, 1974) VP9

VP9 Bally SS Recreation Bow and Arrow (Bally, 1974) VP9 v1.03

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Bow and Arrow (Bally, 1974) VP9 v1.03
by JPSalas
IPD No. 4770

Based on the table Bow & Arrow by Bally from 1974.
The script is based on Gaston's script from the older table. This table was a prototype from Bally to test the new SS system, and the emulation was a little different than other tables, so I opted to use Gaston definitions since they worked very well.

Revision History:
1.03 17 Jan 2010
- added players and ball in play lights.

1.02 fixed left oulane

1.01 Updated 16 Jan 2010
- fixed switch 15, not being dropped at start.
- added the coin light on the apron
- fixed a little the bumpers

1.0- Released 16 Jan 2010
Rules for Bow & Arrow

Pop Bumpers score 10 pts, 100 when lit.

Upper right target scores 500 pts and advances bonus.

Slingshots score 10 pts.

Upper Rollover Tiggers score 500 pts.

Upper Saucer scores value indicated - opens return gate when lit.

Lower Center Target scores value indicated - opens return gate when lit.

Left Saucer collects lit bonus value.

Spinner scores 100 pts and advances spin lights. All spin lights
lit advances bonus.

Lower Outlanes score 1000 pts. Inlanes score 500 pts and advance bonus.

Ball through Return Gate scores 3000 pts and returns ball to plunger.

Lower Targets score 500 pts, 3000 when lit and lite Bumpers. All bumpers
lit awards Double Bonus at Outhole.

Bonus value of 10000 activates Extra Ball light. Extra Ball awards one ball.
Limit one Extra Ball per ball in play.

Bonus value of 10000 activates Special lights. Special lights switch lanes upon
each hit of a 500 pt target. Special awards one replay.

Free Ball at 91000 & 142000 pts.
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Latest reviews

' Bow & Arrow by JPSalas
' 15th January 2010
' parts (read "most of") of the script by Gaston.

Excellent recreation, this electromechanical table is a year older than me.
Easy to adapt to 16:9 DT
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