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Brave Team (Inder, 1985) VP9

VP9 INDER SS Recreation Brave Team (Inder, 1985) VP9 v1.0

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Brave Team (Inder, 1985) VP9 v1.0
by JPSalas
IPD No. 4480

VPM table based on Brave Team by Inder - 1985.
Need the original roms.

Thanks to:
-Destruk for making the first table, without his script I would never have figured out the right numbers for the solenoids and lights.
- Adrián for the pictures.
- fatdog for the backdrop.
- Inkochnito for the Dip switch sub
- And of course thanks to Randy for the VP program.

Revision History:
1.0 VP9 October 2009
- adapted to VP9

5.0 Updated the version number and also changed some rubbers and flipper settings.

1.01 20 July 2007
- changed bumper plastic
- fixed "tripple" text
- changed slope to 8
- some minor graphics changes
- changed so a direct hit to the left orbit will make the ball go up to the upper lanes and not only to the tripple bonus.

1.0 released 12 July 2007
Brave Team (Inder 1985)

Drop Targets:
Blues: Triple Bonus Left Saucer
Yellows: Extra Ball Right Saucer
Greens: Extra Ball Upper Lanes
Reds: Lights Alt. 50,000 on top lane and side targets

Knocking down Green and Red Drop Targets:
50,000 points or Special alternative in Captive Targets

Knocking down all Left Drop Targets:
Extra Ball at Left Outlane

Knocking down all Right Drop Targets:
Extra Ball at Right Outlane

Knocking down all Drop Targets:
50,000 points or Special alternative in Side Targets
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