Bruce And Sheila's Outback Pub (Original)

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It is friday night, and the working week is done. You are standing in the front bar, leaning against a tired old pinball machine, waiting for the pool table to be free as you idly sip your beer. You listen to the banter of Bruce and his wife, Sheila, as they chatter with the patrons of the pub to the muffled background sounds fo the local band, playing a gig in the back bar. It's a hot dusty summer outside, the tiny town of Pinballee having all turned out to enjoy some beer, some music, a bit of chatter and the air conditioned bar.

This table was an abandoned WIP for nearly 7 years, in various guises until it finally settled on those iconic Aussie names, Bruce and Sheila. In 2012, the adventures are gone from the title, but not the table as it becomes Bruce and Sheila's Outback Pub. In 2021, the table gets BAM physics and flippers, for improved play.

Light five BRUCE targets to open first lock (back left) lock 1st to open second (centre/lower left) lock 2nd to open t3rd (lower right) At any time, hit upper centre right kicker to release any locks. Release all at once for 4 ball multi.

Light 3 PUB targets to light the bumper lamp for 3x bumpers.

Light BAR lanes for bonus multiplier

Light in/out lanes for ballsaver.

centre loop trigger doubles point each hit while lit.
(between verander and PUB lights)

Light the four POOL targets to lower the ramp hiding top lock. shoot the lock to lock, then shoot spinner on main playfield UNDERNEATH the pool room area (light will flash to point the way) to release for two ball multiball, and increment table multiplier. The table multiplier increased all scoring on the table until end of ball.

Light the B n S targets near the spinning disc to light the Pinball Bitter logo next to them. While this logo is lit (45 seconds) ALL targets score 4x normal for a hit.

Light both arms of the habitrail (the ramp that drops to the inlanes) to set them flashing. This multiplies the spinners by 10 for the rest of the ball! (YOU WILL NEED TO BE A NUDGE NINJA!)
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