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Bubblegum Crisis 2035 (Original) VP

VP8 SS Original Table Bubblegum Crisis 2035 (Original) VP v1.3 2020-01-28

No permission to download
BGC_2035. Music packs here:

Bubblegum Crisis_2035_Music_Pack_1
Bubblegum Crisis_2035_Music_Pack_2

Double Potions With Slytherin Pinball Productions

Bubblegum Crisis MegaTokyo 2035

Visual Pinball Table DPS-005 Version 1.3

Release Date: 7/1/2008
Author: Neo

Changes since 1.2

-Further tweaks on main left flipper to make District 3 ramp shot easier
-Minor graphical touchups
-Enabled a 15-second Ball Saver on all multiball Boomer battles and the Moonlight Rambler contract mode-Fixed a display bug when you complete all the contracts
-Fixed a couple of display bugs in the Largo battle
-Disabled the manual plunger whenever the Ball Saver is active-Minor playfield tweaks, including fixing a bug where the ball sometimes gets stuck on the upper level
-Added sound effects for Signature Multiball
-Fixed a problem with a boomer being spotted after getting the 33S through Moonlight Rambler
-Added a status report activated by holding a flipper key down. Releasing the flipper key returns the display to normal
-Fixed lingering display timer issues-Changed BU55C Boomer mode: BU55C now requires 7 shots to defeat instead of 5, but defeating the boomer will start Victory Mode if both balls
are in play when the boomer is defeated, and the time limit when one ball drains has been increased from 45 seconds to 60 seconds.
-Added a "Ball Lost" timer that returns a ball to the plunger if the ball is still in play and there has been no scoring for 45 seconds. The timer is currently disabled when the flippers are raised and enabled when the flippers are lowered.
-Add some new Largo sounds and a new music track for the Largo battle (vpbgcboomer6.mp3) which should go into your VP Music folder

-Added some additional sound effects for the in/outlanes
-Fixed a persistent problem with the bonus not counting properly when you get the 33S boomer battle by completing the Moonlight Rambler Contract-Increased the starting points for Revenge Road from 3 million to 10 million

-Increased the number of Miles needed for the first extra ball from 10 to 15, and the number of Miles needed for the first Boomer spot from 25 to 30
Bubblegum Crisis series produced by Artmic/AIC/Youmex. Released in the US by AnimeIgo. Table layout and script created by Neo. Please ask for explicit permission before modifying this table for public release. Unauthorized mods will not bode well with me. No profit is being made by me on this table and no infringement is intended. I am a huge fan of the original Bubblegum Crisis and wanted to show my appreciation for the series by building this table.

Game music is produced by Youmex and released by Futureland of Japan. Featuring vocal music by Kinuko Ohmori (the voice actress for Priss)

That being said, here's what the zip file contains:

-Bubblegum Crisis MegaTokyo 2035 1.3.vpt
-Digital Readout TrueType font (Score/Status Displays)
-This readme file
-Table rulesheet in text format
-Operator Menu System guide in text format
-New Largo boomer battle music track (vpbgcboomer6.mp3) which should go into your VP Music folder

The TrueType font needs to be installed into your Windows/Fonts folder (WINNT/Fonts if you're running 2000). This way you can see the table as it was meant to be :-)

This table has music files as well that are on a separate zip file. These should be placed into your Visual Pinball/Music
folder. While the music files are not necessary to play the table (there is a total of 26.1 MB of mp3 music files in all,
which is prohibitive to 56K modem users), downloading them would greatly enhance the table and allow you to experience it
as it was meant to be played.

This table also uses the LoadValue/SaveValue functions in Visual Pinball, which loads and saves to the file VPreg.stg. This
is known to cause problems if you do not run VP in the same folder as it is installed, and also if the file is marked as
Read-Only, so you'll need to keep that in mind.

Music Pack 1 (15.8 MB) contains
The four tracks used for the main game music
Table Startup music
Start and end of game music
High-Score entry music
Music for all the contract modes

Music Pack 2 (10.9 MB) contains
Victiry Mode Music
AD Police, Replicants, and Signature Multiball tracks
Music for all Boomer modes

Hope you like it, If you have any questions, suggestions, or constructive comments about this table, you can PM me if you're a member of VPForums.com or pinball-originals.com. Or, you can email me at dblpotionspinball@sbcglobal.net.

Take Care

Double Potions With Slytherin Pinball Productions
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