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Bushido (Inder, 1993) VP8

VP8 SS Recreation Bushido (Inder, 1993) VP8 v1.1 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Inder 1993,
IPD No. 4481

Although 'Bushido' is the last machine commercially produced by Inder, they had designed a game called 'Mach 2' that was later produced by Spinball in 1995.

Thanks to Maior for pictures, beta testing, video, and support.
Thanks to TomB for fixing Spinball as well as my fellow VPM Dev Team members for coding the driver. :) Thanks to all the gracious owners who kept sending us reads of the roms from their machines until we got some that worked!
Thanks to TAB for doing the graphics work and not giving up on this tough project.
Thanks to Inkochnito for the dip switch menu -- Press F6.
Thanks to Randy Davis for creating VP.
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