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Butterfly (Sonic, 1977) VP8

VP8 EM Recreation Butterfly (Sonic, 1977) VP8 v1.1

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Sonic 1977
by Humid Gerhard Germax
IPD No. 410

Butterfly by Sonic, released in 1977.
Mod of table originally created by Gerhard and Germax.
New playfield, backglass, and some script corrections.
ver1.1 includes graphic tweaks, pegs, rails
Saw this table in The Complete Pinball Book and loved the funky colors. Not a lot to shoot at, but some tricky angles to it. For my first foray into modding, I'm happy.

The object of the game is to knock down the three drop targets. Each time the three targets are dropped, the playfield rollover stars are activated in the order B-U-T then T-E-R then F-L-Y. When all the stars are lit, the score climbs quickly.
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