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Caltrops (Original) by Fussbett

SS Original Table FP Caltrops (Original) by Fussbett v1.0

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by Fussbett
at 2009-11-20
Type Original

Caltrops pinball is a late-80s style table about the website Caltrops.com, which is a low traffic video game forum.
Basically the entire table is about in-jokes for the posters there.
But, it's also a pretty decent pinball table, so pinball fans will enjoy it too.
Unfortunately there's some swearing on it, so that might ruin it for some parents...

- Variable multiball locking gameplay.
- Lots of loops and ramps to hit.
- BIPOLAR MODE pits you again the old Caltrops.com webmaster during one of his "cycles". Can you hit enough medication while juggling the manic and depressive balls to stop him from deleting the website?
- Original soundtrack! (Don't stop playing until you hear the great little multiball jingle)
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