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Canasta 86 (Inder, 1986) VP9

VP9 INDER SS Recreation Canasta 86 (Inder, 1986) VP9 v1.0

No permission to download
Canasta 86 (Inder, 1986) VP9 v1.0
by JPSalas
IPD No. 4097

VPM table based on Canasta 86 by Inder - 1986.
Need the original roms.

Thanks to:
-Destruk for making the first table, without his script I would never have figured out the right numbers for the solenoids and lights.
- Batansa and Adrián for the pictures.
- fatdog for the backdrop.
- tinyrident for the Dip switch sub.
-Maior for the rulesheet.
- And of course thanks to Randy for the VP program.

Revision History:
1.0 VP9 october 2009
- adapted to VP9

5.01 fixed a few lights

1.0 released 23 June 2007

1.01 released 12 July 2007
- fixed knocker sound

3 Lanes Top Left

Left: Take Bonus x2
Center: Extra Ball when lit
Right: Take bonus (If lit, take bonus x5).

4 Lanes Top Right

Left: Bonus Up (If lit, 100.000 points)
Center Left: Lights x5 lane. When lit, 50.000 points
Center Right: When Lit, Extra ball
Right: When lit Special, free game


3 Left Bank
Two of them lights Extra Ball or Special
Three of them lights Extra Ball and Special

3 Right Bank
Two of them lights Extra Ball or Special (see backglass)
Three of them lights Extra Ball and Special

Center target
With Orange light, up bonus
With Green light, lights x5 lane
With Special light, free game

Freegames at 1.500.000 points and 2.500.000 points.
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