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Card Sharks Deluxe (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table Card Sharks Deluxe (Original) VP8 2006-09

No permission to download
by Eala Dubh


Original VP table by Dave Sanders, November 2001.
Deluxe edition release, September 2005.
Overhaul update, September 2006.
Inspired by the classic Bally solid-state pinballs from 1979-1982.
All art, design and script by Dave Sanders, (c) 2001, 2005.

Thanks to Randy Davis for creating Visual Pinball, and to all the usual folks on the Shiva forum.

During play: LEFT and RIGHT SHIFT- flipper buttons
Z - nudge table left
/ - nudge table right
SPACE- nudge table up

In standby: 5 - Insert credit
1 - Credit button (add up to four players)

Fade lights: 9 - Fade lights ON
0 - Fade lights OFF (for the benefit of slower PCs)

Bonus cards are lit according to the targets hit, the current lit suit (heart, club, diamond or spade) and the numbers displayed by the roto target (2-9). Lanes rotate the roto target, while spinners rotate the lit suit.

Top wild card rollover scores 500 points and spots any one unlit card.

Left, center and right roto target spokes score 3,000 points and spots one unlit card of current number. Center roto spots all four cards of center number when lit.

A-B-C-D-E lanes score 3,000 points and spot one unlit card of current suit. Completing A-B-C-D-E lights bumpers to score 1,000 points, then flashes bumpers to score 3,000 points. A-B-C-D-E advances S-H-A-R-K and scores 50,000 points per lit S-H-A-R-K letter. After S-H-A-R-K is completed at maximum value of 250,000, next A-B-C-D-E scores Special, then 250,000 points thereafter.

Top saucer scores 5,000 points or collects bonus card value when lit.

Upper bullseye scores 5,000 points and advances C lane value to 10,000 points, 20,000 points, etc. up to 60,000 points maximum.

Left and right outlanes scores 5,000 points and spots five cards of the current suit.

Royal flush drop targets score 1,000 points and spot one unlit 10, J, Q or K. Completing 10-J-Q-K lights spinners for 1,000 points, and activates ace targets to spot aces. Ace targets score 5,000 points. Completing all four aces scores 50,000 points, resets royal flush target bank, and lights alternating return lane Extra Ball first time, and outlane Special second time.

Left, center and right Joker targets score 1,000 points and spot one unlit card of current left, center or right roto number. Completing all three jokers opens right gate, lights center roto and lights jokers to score 10,000 points. Jokers and number target reset when ball passes through right outlane and gate is closed.

In-line drop targets score 5,000 points. All targets down awards 2X bonus first time, 3X bonus second time, and Special third time. Ramp shot resets in-line target bank, scores 50,000 points, lights saucer and spots any three unlit cards.

End of ball bonus scores 1,000 points per each lit card. All cards are held over for subsequent balls. Completing the entire deck does the following:

First time: lights 52,000 Super Bonus.
Second time: lights 104,000 Super Bonus.
Third time: lights 52,000 and 104,000 Super Bonuses, and lights Special.
Fourth and subsequent time: awards Special.


One replay awarded for each score of 1,600,000 points.
One replay awarded for each score of 2,900,000 points.
One replay awarded for matching last two digits of score against number displayed at the end of the game.
Three replays awarded for beating the highest score to date.
Special awards one replay.

Tilt penalty: Ball in play.
Three balls per game.
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