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CaveGal (Original) VP921

VP9 SS Original Table CaveGal (Original) VP921 v1.0

No permission to download
faralos and theguyoverthere

This game crashed on me thrice now! I lost everything over two different days, so enjoy it as it cost me my sanity! theguyoverthere helped me tremendously with numerous multiball and vuk and end game problems hence his name in the credits, but the table design is mine!

You are CAVEGAL!
Hit the upper drop targets to drop the upper wall

Drop the two Trex targets on the right side to light the multiball ramp shot
shoot it up the ramp to lock the multiballs
lock three to start multiball

shoot in the right side kicker for the volcano to erupt (past the Daisy)

Collect some flowers, and ferns to decorate your cave! Find a pet, and of course a mate!

The collected items will show up on the Apron

If you collect the three top items on the apron your scoring is doubled for the duration of the game.

If you collec ALL of the items then your scoring is tripled for the games duration.

Have fun!!

Stay out of the swamp and try not to get eaten by the Velociraptor!!
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