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Solid State Machines
by rickula
at 2006-12-08
Type Original

Christine has three playfield levels. A basement, main playfield and a rooftop. Lots of deck plating was used to make this table, as you can see. She runs red pinballs (to better suit the theme) and does have multiball. Nudging is sort of required at times, so let's see how good you are. Beware, tilting is still enabled. The only issue I am aware of is the ball likes to fly off the two heavy gates from time to time. There is nothing I can do about this.

Before I forget, the middle set of flippers are good at getting into the basement and up the ramp. When the ball gets in front of them, keep pressing repeatedly and the ball will often go up the ramp or in the basement. They also help to get the ball locked in the garage often. The basement has a 45 second timer, so complete as many target banks as possible within that time. Don't worry, you can get back in again.
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