Circus Starr (Original)

SS Original Table FP Circus Starr (Original) v1.0

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Solid State Machines
Points are on playfield.
3 free pass top lane=ball free
3 drop girls open right gate.
5 fire ballons targets open left gate.
8 loop train = ball free.

Bonus center playfield

1color on same ligne=100 points
2color on same ligne=500 points
3color on same ligne=1000 points
color activate with 3 starss upper right side and
with manege in center.
manege have 2 horses with 3 colors super bonus
shoot same target color two or more
go up color in center playfield.
sast05 on 2010-01-21

If you find the ball getting stuck on the wire ramps you may have to change the "End Height" of the two Red and Yellow striped canopies (ramps) from 50 to 52 in the editor.
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Nicely done in just 10 MB, could use better sounds, floaty ball
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