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Cirqus Voltaire (Bally, 1997) Modded Edition

Bally SS Recreation BAM FP Cirqus Voltaire (Bally, 1997) Modded Edition v2.0a

No permission to download
IPD No. 4059
BAM is required

This is my first FP table. I therefore count on your indulgence... (including about my english)

It's a mod of the FP table Cirqus Voltaire v1.01 (Bally 1997) released by VictorKPM in 2010. I couldn't reach VictorKPM to ask permission to release this mod. Nevertheless he is credited in the table info, the script, on the apron and on the HUD DMD in attract mode. If you are curious, it's possible to find VictorKPM's original table on GoPinball.

Initially, I did not intend to make a complete mod of the table. I just wanted to see if I could improve the graphical rendering of the Ringmaster... In the end, I spent a lot more time there than I expected.

Having never played the real pinball machine, I don't know if victorKPM's table was close to Cirqus Voltaire. So I didn't try to change the rules, correct the gameplay or make the table look more "authentic".

Not having a pincab, I couldn't test the table in this configuration. I added the possibility to hide the overlays with the HUD toggle key to only display the playfield and the translite. I also duplicated the HUD DMD on the translite (which is not like the real pinball machine). But I don't know if it's a good idea and if it's enough. If someone sets the table up on its pincab and likes it, i will be grateful if he send me a photograph of the pincab running the table.

BAM is required because the script contains:
- some physics XML parameters
- dynamic pinball scripts (from GeorgeH tutorial)
- the overall lighting parameters

Gameplay and difficulty : this is not a fast table. It is rather easy to play. I chose such physical parameters that the ball behaves "not too bad" and that the playing experience is balanced.

Special features and limitations of the table :

1. The playfield
VictorKPM made the table with a two-level playfield. The 1st level is not visible. It is used to represent the hole/box in which the Ringmaster retracts, and to capture the balls there. The 2nd level covers the whole table. This is where the ball travels and where most of the objects are located. The 1st level corresponds to the main playfield of the "Table" object. The 2nd level is a surface checked as being a playfield. I noticed that the objects on the table are not reflected on this 2nd level. I assume that FP only supports object reflection on the main playfield of the "Table" object and not on other surfaces. I haven't found a way to fix it.

2. The DMD display at the back of the playfield
VictorKPM simulated this display using a hologram. He only used it to display animation during attract mode. I discovered that the table contained other animation sequences that VictorKPM did not use. I used some of them to complete three Ringmaster sequences : appearance, rise and defeat. I synchronized each animation with the sequence and the associated sounds (including the ringmaster's "challenges"). I had to edit the sounds for the timing to be correct. Being a hologram, the animations appear in the foreground of the objects even if they are in front. So I moved the hologram slightly to avoid there being an object in the line of sight

3. Magnetic capture of the ball by the Ringmaster
VictorKPM simulated it this way : the ball is destroyed in a hidden kicker below the RM, and another ball is created in the playfield right kicker. I visually improved this sequence by adding an invisible kicker on the top of the RM (the ball is created in this kicker).

4. The "Boom Balloon" retractable bumper
VictorKPM simulated it using a retractable surface, without the properties of a bumper. I improved it visually but the Boom Balloon does not return the ball like a real bumper.

5. The big ball in the cage
VictorKPM simulated the ball and its movements using a hologram with animation. I did not modify this sequence

6. The Sideshow / "Cannon awards" sequence
This sequence consists of "hammering" the keys of the pinball machines to score as many points as possible for a limited time. In the VictorKPM version the instructions are displayed on the HUD DMD but there was no visual. So I drew a small animation on the DMD display at the back of the playfield. I also added two overlay images that appear above the apron level to draw attention to the pinball keys.
NB: I don't know what this sequence looks like on the real pinball machine

7. The Sideshow / "Roonie the kangaroo" sequence
In the script, VictorKPM indicated that this game has not been implemented. I looked for information and it seems that it's a DMD video game. As I don't know what it looks like, I did not try to remake this game. Instead, I made a new targets game on the playfield : Roonie (the kangaroo) has to cross the ring but bad cats prevent him. The player must hit the cats targets but not the Roonie targets. With each target shot, Roonie advances into the ring. An overlay image is displayed at the start of the game.

8. The HUD DMD
VictorKPM created two HUD DMD which are displayed at the bottom of the screen : a DMD for messages and a DMD for scores. I gathered the two DMDs in an overlay frame at the top of the screen.

Main improvements :
- Script Debugging : fixed several issues which led in particular to a bad ball count
- Table modifications to prevent the ball from taking off in some cases (not perfect yet...)
- Playfield overall visual appearance (objects positions, shapes, textures, colors...) : playfield, surfaces, guides, ramps, lights, ornaments,...
- Game overall visual appearance : translite, HUD DMD, cabinet, arcade room and loading screen textures
- Overall lighting
- Overall musical ambiance : fade out/fade effects during musical transitions
- Ringmaster design and game sequences
- Boom Ballon bumper design
- Neon ramp design
- High wire ramp sequence : captured balls now remain on the ramp and are unlocked when multiball mode begins

Fanciful additions (non-existent on the real pinball machine or different) :
- Attract mode : new music with ambient sounds, modified playfield lights sequences and additional DMD credits
- Spinner disk on the neon ramp platform
- "Roonie the kangaroo" targets game
- Volts/Boom Ballon bumper sequences : additional sounds, light effects and overlays
- Cannon Awards sequence : additional DMD animation and overlays
- Sounds of applause in case of high score
- New match sequence (to win a free credit at the end of the game)
- "Circus" design for the start/plunger ramp
- Apron design
- Playfield DMD design
- Playfield back surface texture (location of the DMD display on the real pinball machine)
- Sides textures inside the cabinet
- Flippers texture
- Wood textures (front of playfield, Ringmaster hole/box, neon ramp platform)
- Some decorative ornaments and textures including luminous ornaments
- Ball color
- Translite DMD display
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    Bug fix : to defeat the Ringmaster, you should hit him five times not only once.

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