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Cirqus Voltaire (Bally, 1997) VPX

VPX Bally SS Recreation Cirqus Voltaire (Bally, 1997) VPX v1.1

No permission to download
Cirqus Voltaire (Bally, 1997) VPX v1.1
Table Created By: Knorr, ClarkKent, Randr, Dark
IPD No. 4059

Download Backglass: Cirqus Voltaire B2S

This has been uploaded by someone other then the original creator for archive purpose. If this table is available somewhere else by the original creator, please leave a note below with a link and these files shall be removed at the creators request.

Note: Pinball Emporium media pack for this table: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/cirqus-voltaire-bally-1997-vpx-p-e-c-m.5995/ (Cirqus Voltaire (Bally 1997) - VPX - P.E.C.M.)

'Concept by:    John Popadiuk
'Design by:    John Popadiuk, Cameron Silver
'Art by:    Linda Deal (aka Doane)
'Dots/Animation by:    Adam Rhine, Brian Morris
'Mechanics by:    Jack Skalon, Louis Toy
'Music by:    Rob Berry, Dave Zabriskie
'Sound by:    Rob Berry
'Software by:    Cameron Silver
'Rebuild for Visual Pinball by
'Knorr, Clark Kent, Randr, Dark
'Special Thanks to
'JPSalas, Ninuzzo, Flupper, Gigagula, Thalamus, G5K,
'Toxie, Fuzzel and the VPX Dev Team
'V1.1 - Fixed some insert lamps (thx to skitso
'        Brighter Playfield DMD
'        Added missing BellSound
'        Added missing Post (next to RM target)
'V1.0 - First Release
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Gran tabla, al fin una versión que me funciona, Gracias!
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Played this on a VR headset one of the only tables to work correctly with the ring master!
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pure gold
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