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Classic SciFi Foundation Saga (Original)

EM Original Table FP Classic SciFi Foundation Saga (Original) v1.0.0

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
by Anthias
at 2010-04-29
Type Original

number 4 in my classic Science Fiction EM series for FP
This next table will be themed around Isaac Asimov's classic series - Foundation Saga, which commenced with the release of Foundation in 1951, and continued until the release for Forward the Foundation concluded the epic story in 1993.

So - this table represents that entire epic series of books, and as such encompasses a time in SciFi history from the fifties to the nineties. The pinball table therefore will do the same. In a sort of steam punk fashion, you can expect elements of modern pinball to appear in this EM table, reflecting the metamorphosis of pinball over four decades.

I hope to create a truly special pinball experience for Fans of Asimov, and of pinball alike.
Lite Mis bank for bumper x 3
lite Hari bank for loop/channel x 3
Light the three leaf targets for table x incriment
light the inout lanes for ball save
light all the various lanes for bonus times
lite VAULT to light the kicker (left mid field)
shoot the LIT kicker for two ball multi
hit bumpers and slings to light Trantor, for 1 minute of 10X score on kickers and spinners
light the SELDON targets (platform) to light CRISIS target. Hit that for SELDON CRISIS (5 ball multi - you'll know it by the lights flashing)
light DORS for 60 seconds of all targets x 10
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