Cosmic Gunfight (Williams, 1982) VP8

VP9 Williams SS Recreation Cosmic Gunfight (Williams, 1982) VP8 v1.5 VP9 FIX 2020-01-28

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Cosmic Gunfight (Williams, 1982) VP8 v1.5 VP9 FIX
by Apocalypse, Kristian, TomB
IPD No. 571

Special thanks to TomB for fixing the script!!!

Revision History:
Fixes by TomB:

Corrected right lane change switch from 50 to 49
Renamed backglass shoot again light to Light1a as it is duplicated on the playfield
Renamed playfield shoot again light to Light1b and set it's timerinterval to 1
Changed playfield shoot again light decals from "COSMIC BALL" to "SHOOT AGAIN"
Renamed double scoring light to Light7 and changed it's timerinterval to 7
Changed double scoring light decals from "ALL SEQUENCE 2X" to "ALL SCORES 2X"
Added backglass Light8 (timerinterval 8) with decals "COSMIC BALL TIMER" and added to collection "AllLamps"
Changed top 1-2-3 lane lights color from green to white
Renamed right lane 20-30-40-50-60 lights to 15-20 and changed timerinterval and decals accordingly
Changed right lane double score light color from yellow to orange
Renamed right lane white arrow to Light14 with timerinterval 14
Changed top 10-20-40-80 lights color from green to white
Corrected bottom lock arrow light timerinterval from 33 to 26
Changed extra ball arrow color from red to orange
Changed top eject 100K light radius from 20 to 25
Renamed red A-B-C bottom arrow to Light35
Renamed red A-B-C top arrow to Light33
Renamed red A-B-C lights field top to bottom and left to right 36-44
Added backglass cosmic ball qualified lights Light45 to Light48 with decals
Renamed right bank red in-sequence light to Light51
Changed middle bank red in-sequence light from radius 20 to 25
Changed green bank light decals from "10,000 LOCK" to "20,000 W/LIT"
Renamed credit light to LightNotUsed and removed it from the AllLamps collection since the game doesn't have it
Added support for GameOn solenoid #25
Added support for GI-solenoid #11 and hooked all dark/bright dropwall to it. Removed fx timers.
Added support for bell-solenoid #15, included ringbell.wav
Added Controller.Hidden to hide VPM-display

release version 1.3
Graphics tweaks. Table info updated. Decal tweaks.

release version 1.2

-Kristian did an incredible job in finding the table graphics and making them look as great as they do!

-Kristian added a new backdrop to accept the new scoring system

-Added the broken up scoring, balls, ball in play to the backdrop.

- Fixed all scripting issues, multiball now works, and the target lights are correct.

- added flashers to the table,looks better this way

-added the shiny ball image and dot for spinning.

known issues:

release version rc1

known issues:
sound not working in vpinmame?
the target lights may not be in the right places
play field layout correct?
Instruction Card:
Pic uploaded with permission of Inkochnito.
Find all your Pinball Card needs at Inkochnito's Pinball Cards site: (Inkochnito's Pinball Score and Instruction cards.)
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