Crash Bandicoot (Original) VPX

VPX SS Original Table Crash Bandicoot (Original) VPX v1.0 2020-01-28

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- As pointed out by the author, VP 10.5 is required for this one.

- @Sebastony helpfully added that this is a re-theme of the layout for Congo (Williams, 1995). The ROM interface has evidently been removed, but not yet replaced with native table rules.

- To be clear, this seems to be demo-only at this point. You can launch a ball and use flippers, and get a sense of how the game plays, but that's it.

- I'm thinking spookymoulder is in fact the same person as @theGhost787. The table info seems to suggest that, anyway. Point is-- Ghost seemed to intend most (or all?) of his VP projects to be starters, meant for others to complete. Therefore, I figure this table would probably make for excellent mod material.

--@Ike Savage
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This table is pretty good so far, and with a nostalgic theme.(at least for many) i do hope further updates will follow? This table is well enough established to be pushed aside, so i hope the author does continue with it!

Also the provided screenshot doesn't compare with the actual in-game graphics. it looks much much better in-game!
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[FONT="Arial"]requires visual pinball 10.5[/FONT]
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