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Crazy Skull Pinball (Original)

SS Original Table FP Crazy Skull Pinball (Original) v1.7

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by twentydegree
at 2013-07-14
Type Original

Its an original table called Crazy Skull v1.4 it have taken me week's to find free content to put in as sounds, musics, 3d model and others. The Skull model i had to modify it and optimize it, because it had to much polygones. Since a comment had said the skull look more as a block. I have optimize it but less. I have also added some spiders and a electric chandelier; also optimized but sory for the blocky look. I think about peoples who dont have a hotrod PC.

It have stereo sounds effects that most i hava managed.

A Skull Shot (Skill Shot)

5 Differents game objectifs.

A Bonus Points, when the ball is lost into the drain.

The possibility to have a Mega Bonus Points that can be added if you have completed all the objectif.

Can be played, up to 4 players.

5 Balls per game.
I had some time to re-program all my script since version 1.0, and after 1.1 etc to 1.4. Because testing i have find things that was not working as i wanted. But i have fixed quite well.

I also give my thank's to Pinsimdb for the screen shots they have made for me, and all they do. Thank's a lot!

"Note that version 1.7 the loading on a Pentium 4 with 2 gigs of ram, can take 1 min. aproximatif of loading."

Well i hope that you'll like this Future Pinball game. A pinball into a halloween atmosphere.
For each objectives, you must first start by touching the swing target, identify by the two blue triangles.

After that it will activate a sequence. Hit the bumpers to stop the sequence. You'll then see a message that say what to do.

They are 5 differents game objectifs (when the sequence is turned on):

1 -
Light on the three upper lanes.

2 -
Enter the left and right kickers in the middle of two walls, near the DropTargets

3 -
Drop down both group of targets from the DropTargets

4 -
Turn both yellow circles to on, these circles are beside the rectangles written over Bonus Skull.

5 -
Hit the bumpers a number of times.

Note that; the more you do an objectifs, the more bonus points is added when the ball is lost.

These where the objectifs!

Fiew tips:
Hit both side lanes, near the flipper to activate the orange circles. The result doing so, is for light on the green circle Save Ball. Doing so also make possible to enter the Skull Head from behind to activate the Skull Shot points (skill shot).

When the side green circles is on, you have a chance that your ball is saved. But the ball can come from one of the upper ramps.

If you have done one of the five objectifs, when the ball is lost; it then add some multiple bonus points.

It have taken me more then 3 weeks, hours each day. To find free content on the web to include in this pinball; to design and to program. Maybe it have fiew bugs. Even so it work just great!

Have Fun! Try to compete against other peoples that you know if you want to.
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