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The original Creepy House was, lets be honest, graphically awful. It was an original table not on a licensed subject, with a hand drawn playfield etc. It was also produced at a time when FP had no DMD support, but it has a DMD, thanks to my own custom DMD system I coded and used in several tables at that time.

Creepy house is the last one left which has not been converted to use FP's superior native DMD. Which is why I've been sitting on this version so long - it was originally intended to be a fifteenth anniversary edition - the original table being from 2006. Then it became a 16th. but wait, its almost 17th! so you know, clearly I am not getting around to integrating the FP DMD any time soon.

This version has graphics updates, and BAM physics, which means it plays significantly better than the original also. So I have after considering it a while, decided to upload it as it sits for now. Feel free to tinker and modify, if you want to put in the FP DMD, be my guest.
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