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Darkman (Original)

SS Original Table FP Darkman (Original) v2.0 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines
Darkman (Original) v2.0
by ghostmachine

Version 2.0. Gameroom removed. Textures compressed. Fixed Lights. Fixed Ramps.

This table was a pain right from the start. Themed after Darkman. Images from google, and cover 2 cover. There were very few resources. Sounds and animation from ScreenCapture. The top layout and texture was remade 3 times to get the right look. That was achieved, the gameplay did not turn out the way i was expecting. Its a good game but needs some adjustments. Tested out for about 8 hours. The 1 way gate kept giving me troubles so i just deleted it.

I will try to improve gameplay on the next table. This one is ok just not as tight as i wanted it to be.

Updates and Upgrades are encouraged. This is freeware. May not be sold.

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