Deadpool SE (Stern, 2018)

Stern SS Recreation FP Deadpool SE (Stern, 2018) v2.0

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Deadpool SE (Stern, 2018) v2.0
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This is a more complete table then the original version. I reworked all the images, models, and sounds from the ground up. The DMD vids are also all added from a video of the real machine in action. Fixed all multi-ball issue. This is a cabinet view only table DMD was too complex to include desktop HUB. I lost all the files to keep going, but the is still a good table.
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  1. Version 2.0

    This is a complete rework of my original table. I have updated and fix a lot of features...

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Really nice table! I like the original but v 2.0 is beautiful.
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works perfect for me, no issues, latest BAM
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funciona bien, solo que las imagenes y la espada no se ven bien en mi sistema
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FP crashes when it loads this table.
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