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Dealer's Choice (Williams, 1973)

Williams EM Recreation FP Dealer's Choice (Williams, 1973) v1.2

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Dealer's Choice (Williams, 1973) v1.2
IPDB No. 649
You can access to the menu with the Special2Key.
You can toggle (by the toggle HUD key) the HUD reel.
If you use arrows for plunger (optional), you have to use arrow down and arrow up (customisable) in order to pull or push the plunger.
* Insert coin and wait for machine to reset before inserting coin for next player.
* Each player shoots one ball at a time as indicated on back glass.
* Tilt Penalty ball in play tilt does not disqualify player.
* Making Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace lites right bottom rollover to score 1 Extra Ball.
* Making Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace each additional time lites side rollover to score Special.
* 1 Replay for ball thru rollover when special lite is lit. (5 000 points for add a ball mode)
* Making 1-9 doubles Bonus Value.
* Making 1-9, 2nd time triples bonus value and lites 1-9 special lite.
* 1 Replay each time 1-9 is made when special lite is lit. (5 000 points for add a ball mode)
* 1 Replay for each player matching last two numbers on score reels to lited number that appears on back glass when game is over. (only for replay mode)
Date Of Manufacture:December, 1973
Production:8,850 units (confirmed)
Notable Features:
Flippers (4), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Rollover buttons (10), Standup targets (8). End-of-ball bonus.
Maximum displayed point score is 99,990 points per player.
Replay wheel maximum: 37
Sound: 3 chimes, knocker
Design by:Norm Clark
Art by:Christian Marche
Notes:The 1-player version is Williams' 1974 'Lucky Ace'. Has the same playfield as Williams' 1973 'High Ace'.