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Defender (Williams, 1982) VP9

VP9 Williams SS Recreation Defender (Williams, 1982) VP9 v1.7 VP9 FIX

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Defender (Williams, 1982) VP9 v1.7 VP9 FIX
by gaston, wpcmame, kristian
IPD No. 651

Thanks to Dave Langley for the source images!

Landers (drop targets) capture humanoids (Humanoid and mutant lamps flash) to become mutants. Hit flashing landers to save humanoid. Hit all 15 landers to save humans and complete waves and score humanoid value.

Smart bomb button (RIGHT ALT) destroys only Landers, Pods and Baiters on playfield. Completing odd numbered waves awards Extra Smart Bomb.

Extra Ball awarded and humanoids destroyed after every 5th wave.

Making Bomber Lanes advances Bonus X and lights reverse. Reverse Button (LEFT CONTROL) saves ball. Right flipper rotates bomber lanes (Lane Change (tm) Williams) feature.

Pod targets lit swarmers. Hit swarmers from both pods to open gate.

Locking 3 balls or hitting lit bullseye initiates Multi-Ball play.
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