Don't Lose Your Marbles (Original) VP8

VP8 Original Table Don't Lose Your Marbles (Original) VP8 2020-01-28

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by Sheltie Mom & tiltjlp

A widebody child friendly table based on the game of marbles. ShelyieMom hasn't been around for 7 years, but her only table concept is still fun.
Don't Lose Your Marbles is two games in one, cointained within a widebody table. There's no tilting nor match feature in Don't Lose Your Marbles. All bonuses and extra ball awards are part of the game itself, and are explained below.

Due to a quirk in the Visual Pinball program, now and again the ball might pass through a right side wall and be returned to the plunger. Since there is no known cure for this, shrug it off and relaunch the ball.

Entry to the Mimi Game is gained be dropping the four targets opposite the Ball Drain, and accessable from the Multiplier Light Lanes blow the main flippers. Both the Exit hole from the Main table and the Entry Hole into the Mini Game are rimmed in Red to hightlight them.

Scoring for the main table is as follows:

Kickers are worth 100 points each.
Light triggers are worth 2 points each.
Upper right lights out are worth 25 points.
Slingshots are worth 15 points.
All bumpers are worth 5 points.
All targets are worth 2 points.
Spinners are worth 1 point.

All points are miltiplied when the Multplier is active, except for the slingshots. Dropping all 19 targets on the main table will advance the Multiplier, up to a maximum of 4X. The Multiplier carries over from one ball to the next.

Scoring for the Mini Games is as follows:

Entering the Mini Game earns 250 points, and advances the Multiplier .up to a maximum of 4X.
Bumpers are worth 50 points.
Light triggers are worth 5 points.
Spinners are worth 5 points.
Targets are worth 10 points, dropping all 3 earns a 250 point bonus.

Hope y'all enjoy playing Don't Lose Your Marbles as much as we enjoyed creating it. Sheltie Mom & tiltjlp!
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