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Double Action (Gottlieb, 1958) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb EM Recreation Double Action (Gottlieb, 1958) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

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Double Action (Gottlieb, 1958) VP8 v1.0
IPD No. 707

New VP8 build of Gottlieb's Double Action. Released in December, 1958 Double Action was designed by Wayne Neyens with Roy Parker Artwork. Only 1,000 Double Action games were produced and thus it is a semi-rare game. Multi-player games were becoming more popular in the late 1950's as pinball parlors grew in acceptance and playing against a friend made pinball more enjoyable as well as a sociable time out for many. Unlike later era EM multi-player games, this era's multiplayer games tended to have fairly simple game play rules. In the case of Double Action, the goal is to match the red and yellow target lights within the value ranges and then hit the lit hole for from 200 up to 600 points. Do this once and a replay is within your grasp. Alternatively, you can try to run the target values up without matching them, and then hit the targets for up to 50 points per hit.
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