Double Poosh M Up (Northwestern, 1930's) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation Double Poosh M Up (Northwestern, 1930's) VP8 v3.0 2020-01-28

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DoublePMUpHS 1930's Northwestern
By Nissananimal & tiltjlp.

Updated with a Doubler Cup, which the original release never had.
Eric redrew the playfield while tiltjlp focused on pin placement.

While there is uncertainty as to the exact age of Poosh M Up, it seems to have been made by Northwestern Toys during the 30s.

As with every pinball game, the goal of Double Poosh M Up is to score the most points you can with the ten balls provided. Pockets vary in value from 100 to 800 points, and each pin is worh either 3, 5, or 7 points. The drains across the bottom of the table award you between 25 and 75 points.

As an additional way to keep score and have fun, you'll keep track of which of the nine pockets each ball goes into. See if you can get a ball in each of the nine pockets, and you'll be awarded a 1,000 point bonus.

By a combination of adjusting the strength of the launch, and practiced nudging, direct the ball toward and into the highest possible scoring pockets. As experienced players of unflippered games know, every single game is different, because the ball never, ever bounces the same way twice. Practice might not make you perfect, but it should add to your fun.

Tiltjlp and Nissananimal have poked and prodded and tweaked this table to assure maximum fun, moderate frustration, repeated playability, as well as a laugh or two from the sound effects. As you'll discover, with bagatelles, if a ball happens to be moving slowly enough, it can get trapped between a wall and a pin. If this happens, Double nudging upward and eithe right or left should loosen the ball and allow you to continue your game.

Since this is an copyrighted recreated VP tables, please give the game a try as we have released it before you change any of the seeting for you personal use. Under no circumstance are any modified versions of Double Poosh M Up allowed to be released. Nostalgia Games Inc welcome any and all comments and opinions. Now go enjoy!
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