Dracula Special Edition (Original) by jimdigris

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Solid State Machines
by jimdigris
at 2018-07-29
Type Original

Modified version of Stern Dracula, ramps and habitrails added

This table is a mod of :
Dracula 1.0

I always loved the Stern Dracula, fell in love with it the day I first saw it, way back in 1979. But When I saw Xenon with its magnificent ramp, I alawys wished Dracula had the same sort of thing, so that is the reason for this mod

Main addition to this table is the Ramp leading to a habitrail leading to a Xenon type tube which leads to the "coffin". The coffin switchs between two habitrails which lead to the inner lower lanes

If the lower lane extra ball and/or special lanes are lit then the ramp shot will not enter the coffin and the ball will drop at the upper flipper

A shot up the ramp and into the tunnel to the coffin collects a "blood vial", which starts a 25 second time with a hit counter, both on the apron, the counte starts at 3. shots into the coffin before the 25 second timer expires awards 2000, 5000 and 10000 points.

Added a "Kirk Post" (as they were then known), for the record my real Dracula has one fitted and every Dracula I have seen in Australia has one, but I believe this is unique to the LAI builds

Added some sounds, mainly for the skill shot to the coffin

Turned off the in game music, but you can turn it back on by changing sw99=0 to sw99=1 in the script

I also fixed the problem caused by Miownkhan using the "WildFyre" script which meant the drop targets relied on a lower playfield trigger to be hit before reseting. It is true that Dracula uses the same rom as Wildfyre but the drop targets are wired to automatically reset on Dracula. They now reset on completion like the real Dracula

There is a bug in the scoring I cant seem to find the cause of. Sometimes the top drop targets do not score, but the light registers work. I suspect its something to do with ScoreNext
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