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Dracula (Stern, 1979) VP8

VP8 Stern SS Recreation Dracula (Stern, 1979) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Stern 1979,
IPD No. 728

Special thanks to Imperical for the plastics artwork. Also thanks to Mr Crazy for providing the excellent pictures from his real machine. And the vpmExtreme team for beta testing.
Thanks to TheGuru for the excellent whiteboard picture.

Feature Operation and Scoring:
Bonus Score Feature:
A bonus score of 2,000 to 20,000 may be scored. The game starts with 2,000 bonus score. The bonus score is advanced by 2,000 every time the Stationary Target (upper right) is hit, Rollovers are made (center of playfield), or Right Middle Lane, is adjustable to 2 advances (4,000) or 3 advances (6,000).

Mystery Bonus Advance:
Both outlanes are set up to advance the bonus from 0 advances (Min.) to 8 advances (Max.) from each lit symbol of 4 Bank Drop Target. The bonus is collected when the ball goes into the eject pocket (upper left side) or into the outhole. The Bonus is reset to 2,000 for the next ball.

5X Bonus Feature:
On the last ball of every game if the Double Bonus is lit, the 5X Bonus lite alternates lighting with the 2X off the 10 point (rebound rubbers) going into the upper left side eject of the outhole when the 5X lite is lit will award 5 times the indicated Bonus.

Drop Target Features:
4 Bank:
Each target scores 500 points and spots a symbol the first and second time. All targets down score 3,000 points, 1st time, 5,000 points each time after.
Spotting the 4 CATS or 4 CATS and 4 BATS (adjustable) lites the extra ball lane (lower right). Spotting the 4 CATS and 4 BATS lites the Special Lane (lower left) adustable to closed or open ended.

3 Bank:
Each target scores 500 points. All targets down score:
1) extra 3,000 points the first time and lites upper double bonus
2) extra 3,000 points and lites the lower Double Bonus lite (for award and the plus 4,000 (upper) the second time)
3) extra 7,000 points each additional time all targets down.

Star Feature:
The star may be advanced by hitting the stationary target (right side, middle top) or by going over the rollover-button *upper, left side) for 10,000 points and lites Double Bonus lite for award (lower middle). Making star rollover when lit scores 10,000 points and starts the feature over. Every time the ball goes into the outhole the feature resets.

Spinner Feature:
Spinner scores 100 points or 1,000 points when the bonus is at 2,000, 8,000, 14,000 when the Bonus reaches 20,000 the 1,000 lit lites and stays lit for the rest of the ball.

Thumper Bumpers:
Thumper Bumpers score 1,000 points on 3 ball and 100 points on 5 ball game.

Standard Bumper:
Scores 1,000 points and advances Bonus 2,000 points.

Stationary Targets:
Upper - Scores 1,000 and advances star.
Middle - (X, Y, Z) - scores 3,000 points after X, Y, Z are made at random (during the same ball). The Y target only is worth a total of 7,000 points. After X, Y, Z are made the second time during the same ball, the Y target only lites for Special (adjustable to closed or open ended).
Lower - scores 1,000 and advances bonus (2,000 points).

Ball Eject Feature:
Upper left side eject, ball going into this pocket collects all bonus including any multiplier (2X or 5X on last ball). Bonus is reset to 2,000 before the ball is put back on the playfield.

Rollover Buttons:
Upper Left Side - 1,000 points and Star advances or 10,000 points and Star Feature reset when lit.
Lower Center - 10 points and advance bonus.

Left Return:
Scores 500 points and Special when 4 CATS and 4 BATS are spotted.

Right Return Lane & Extra Ball Feature:
Scores 500 points or 5,000 and Extra Ball when (adjustable) 4 CATS or 4 CATS and 4 BATS are spotted.

Scores 3,000 points and Mystery Bonus Advance (1 advance 2,000 points.)

Rebound switches & slingshots score 10 points.
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