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Dungeons and Dragons (Bally, 1987) CAB

Bally SS Recreation FP Dungeons and Dragons (Bally, 1987) CAB vWIP

No permission to download
by ghostmachine, HappyCab
at 2015-05-04
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Bally Midway Manufacturing Company (1983-1988)
Tradename Bally
Date 1987
IPD No. 743

FP Physics 1.0

Added a different version from HappyCab. Who helped me clean up the textures. CAB version is just game itself.

I will need to do proper lights at a later time.

Dungeons & Dragons.

created in 1987.

During game testing i was able to score 7,197,363 points. Fun game to play. I was able to run the original music through

a graphic equalizer so it sounds good. If anyone wants to make the top strobe light box that originally came with the game

and also the moving ramp to the right this game will be complete. Also game room models are free to use

.....a gold chest, and wooden door.

This took almost 5 days to make. The ramp was the hardest part.

Enjoy the game-
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