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Dungeons & Dragons (Bally, 1987) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Dungeons & Dragons (Bally, 1987) VP8 v1.2

No permission to download
Bally 1987,
IPD No. 743

Thanks to Steve Hathaway for enabling coin play!

Thanks to Zaphod and WPCMame for flex-save correction (in upcoming release of vpm)

Shooter Lane Skill Shot

If the ball is released up the ramp, through the gate leading behind the playfield, and rolls back down the ramp, you get 100k. The rollovers and gates on the ramp are 5k each.

Shooting the ball all the way up the ramp increases dungeon level (playfield multipier) for 20 seconds (adjustable 10,20,40,60) The side ramp rollovers are NOT subject to the multiplier, except that they are doubled if any multiplier is active. (according to manual at least. They may be subject to multiplier after all)

Flame Bonus

There are 20 lights,from 1-20k. Each LIT standup unlights one flame light. Each unlit flame light is worth that many points. A complete flame is worth 200K, and the flame targets relight up to five times for flame bonus. The second flame is worth 400k bonus total, the third and fourth are worth 600k, and the fifth is worth 1200k. This yields a total max flame bonus of 3 million! From this point on, extinguished flame lights are not added to the bonus, and each completion adds another 1.2 million to your score immediately. The flame bonus is Never reset until the game has ended, so don't tilt!

The standups themselves are worth 3k each (5k each when lit), with 5k additional points for a completion, all subject to the dungeon level multiplier, of course.

To relight all standups, complete any ONE bank and have the ball roll down the lane that leads to the upper flipper.

To relight the yellow "Dust" standups, clear them and then shot the right teleport or the drop targets.

To relight the blue shield targets, shoot the left teleport lane.

To relight the Red Sword targets, shoot the side ramp. it only has to reach the first switch.

Bell Tower Ramp.

On any given ball, hitting One of the targets will light extra life for six seconds (adjustable) If you are on ball 1, it is the third

If you are on ball 2, it is the second. If you are on ball 3,it is the first. If you gain an exra life on ball 1, ball 2 has the same qualifications as ball 1, and ball 3 works like ball 2 would. If you gain an extra life on ball 2, ball 3 has the same qualifications that ball 2 did. The point values of the targets are 10k, 25k, 50k, and 100k for making it all the way around. This qualifies a single shot at the side ramp for One Million. Each shot that makes it through will relight the million shot. The million is, of course, not multiplied, but the drops are, I believe.

Magic Save and Autosave.

The magic save buttons will close the corresponding outlane gates for up to 2 seconds (adjustable) Every X uses per Game (any even number from 6 to 20 adjustable) the amount of time it will activate for shrinks. In VP time, the timings are:


After activation, the magic save will be disabled for one second, to keep you from turing it on all the time.

When the red lights are lit, magic save is automatic, and for two seconds. Both stay lit until the set score (200k factory default) is reached. After that time, completing shield lights the autosave on the left, and dust the one on the right. If you use the save manualy, the autosave is not wasted. Autosave is always active during multiball, but this can be turned off.

When the red lights are flashing, the outlanes score 10k, when not, 5k. Suject to multiplier, of course...

Dragon's Lair.

There are two. the left and right ones.

If the ball bounces into either one, the ball will be kicked up and out the wireforms. A dragon's lair is worth 10k, and will release the ball from it's corresponding teleport. It will also award the Entire current flame bonus. The flame bonus is not subject to multiplier, but the 10k most likely is.

Shooting the ramp releases All balls. Unless skill shot is lit. Then it won't.

Each time both balls are locked during a game, the number of times the ball already captured is ejected when the second ball is locked is increased by one. it starts at zero.


There are two. One in the left lane, and one under the right ramp. They capture balls, and sometimes when one ball is shot into one, the other one is released, causing a Teleport of the ball. See above for the cause of this.

Depending on adjustments, balls will be left in at end of game, one will be ejectd if both are full, or both will be ejected. The teleports themselves score no points, nor does the switch in the left lane that relights shield, apparently.

Slingshots and scoring rubbers are 10 points, subject to multiplier, of course. bumpers are 100 points, subject to playfield multiplier

There are three replay thresholds. the first defaults to 1,750,000, the second defaluts to 4,500,000, and the third defaults to disabled. Self percenting will adjust threshold 1, but not adjust the other two. Beating the top score, which defaults to 5,999,990, awards three replays. Beating 10 million will always count as beating the top score. (the amount of replays for top score is adjstable) The thresholds can either give replays, extra balls, or points.

The game can be configured for 5 ball play. if so, balls 1 through three require all three drops hit for a shot at extra life, and suually loosing the ball does Not relight the standups. The timers are usually shrunk, and the teleports eject all balls at end of game.

The game includes adjustments for specials, but there is no way to award a special anyway. (!)
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