Eight Ball (Bally, 1977) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Eight Ball (Bally, 1977) VP8 v2.0 Beta Remix 2020-01-28

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Hakyoku Seiken/Destruk,
Version:Remix (Beta 2),
Bally 1977,
IPD No. 760

"Eight Ball Remix" is the same as Bally's "Eight Ball", but with music and new sound effects, as well as being graphically overhauled over previous versions to include new GI effects and an LED driver written by Bendigo.

Hit targets and rollovers to pocket 7 balls. After each 7 balls, the 8 ball target becomes lit.

Hit the 8 ball target when lit to light the next 7 balls.

Bank shot scores lit value, increases multiplier or awards extra ball.

Complete all 15 balls once to light super bonus. Complete all 15 balls twice to light special.

Spinner scores 10 points or 1000 points when lit.

Middle two lanes at top of playfield award bankshot 'item' (not points) if arrow pointing to it is lit.
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