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Eight Ball Champ (Bally, 1985) by docam

Bally SS Recreation FP Eight Ball Champ (Bally, 1985) by docam v1.3

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by docam, scapino
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Bally Midway Manufacturing Company (1983-1988)
Tradename Bally
Date 1985-09
IPD No. 761

My FP version of Ballys' Eight Ball Champ.


*1st and 3rd players play solid balls 1 thru 7,
2nd and 4th players play striped balls 9 thru 15.
Player completing all solid or striped balls
may play the 8 ball.

* Completing 'C-H-A-M-P' increases spinner value
1st time doubles all playfield score values.
2nd time triples values,
3rd time lites outlanes alternately to score 'Special',
4th time both outlanes flash to score 'Special'.

*1 Replay for making '8-Ball' when 'Special' lite is lit.
*1 Replay for completing 'E-I-G-H-T' when
'Special' lite is flashing.
*1 Replay for ball thru either outlanes when
'Special' lite is flashing.
*1 Replay for ball thru either rollup lane when
'Special' lite is flashing.

*1 'Extra Ball' for completing 'E-I-G-H-T' when
'Extra Ball' lite is flashing.
*1 'Extra Ball' per ball in play

*Tilt penalty ball in play.
Release History


Fourth Release v1.3 5-25-2010

All of these updates are by Dominique Camus aka DoCam.


- Added: "ArcadeMode" constant in script, I hope it will be useful for players using cabinet (arcade mode). Please read explanations in Const section from script.

- Added: default settings for recommended 5-balls, ready to use!

- Added: coin door open/close: use [D] key anytime you want to open or close the coin door. When open, you can see the EBC keyboard!

- Added: implemented Test Mode, for registers access.

When the coin door is open, press [Test] or [T] key to enter Test Mode.

NOTE: [Test] button can be assigned from Future Pinball's "Preferences"/"Game Keys and Control" menu.

Use keypad: [0] to [9] for value entry, keypad [Enter] to validate and keypad [.] to emulate real KEYBD/CLR.

NOTE: red keys on keyboard (A to F and *) mean they'are unused. Pressed key will flashes during short time (yellow).

GAME will flash yellow when [Test] button (or [T] key) is pressed to exit Test Mode.

Implemented total of 40 registers: 35 are realistic, plus 5 "fictious" (as add-on for Future Pinball conversion):

- 22 game feature options (game settings).

- 17 bookkeeping (statistics).

- 1 "reset to recommended defaults" for 3-balls or 5-balls.


- Added: emulated realist starting sequence: when "Play Table", or when exit from Test Mode.

- Added: missing TILT, with realistic sound effects. Tilt can be adjusted from (fictious) register #21.

- Added: implemented slam tilt switch: only when the coin door is open, use to activate slam tilt switch: the game will reset immediatly. Useful to abord a running game quickly!

- Added: HUD state is now saved, restored as required on next startups. HUD now uses [ToggleHUD] key (instead of [Special2] key).

- Fixed: HUD display bug when score is over 10,000,000 points (missing left digit).

- Added: Ball in play in scoring HUD, using balls (1 to 5) as "icons".

- Fixed: bug concerning all balls lights (near targets), all turned on after 8-ball made. Now correct group (solid or stripe) is lit, and opposite group stays... unlit.

- Fixed: redesigned call ball routine - Sub FindCallBall(), also added 150 ms delayed FindCallBall for leaf target hits (this delay is required for drop target raise).

- Fixed: E-I-G-H-T lamps now unlit on every "8-ball" made.

- Added: High score initials entries removed: only Hi Score To Date - HSD - (or over 10,000,000) are tracked in FP high score table at 1st position.

- Fixed: Now the table state is correctly restored on EXTRA BALL when playing BALL IN PLAY #1.

- Fixed: some timers related variables has been replaced by timer's internal .UserData, some variables has been renamed too.

- Fixed: unused declared variables (or initialized but never used) are removed.

- Fixed: right sligshot moved a bit down (now aligned with left slingshot). By the way, 'P' green inlane light is now visible :-)

- Fixed: completed C-H-A-M-P sequences, now works correctly exactly as indicated on official rules cards and manual.

- Fixed: speech during attract mode disabled or played every specified amount of minutes - from 1 to 5 (register #47).

- Fixed: spinner starting value on every ball: start at 100 points or 1,000 points (register #49).

- Fixed: 120k and 240k lamps (now they always unlit at game start, like real game).

- Fixed: SPECIAL for 120k/240k handling (registers #44/#45).

- Fixed: left and right roll-up (10k/20k/30k/40k) scoring and sequences, based on official manual and real videos.

- Fixed: Sub CheckRollover() has been redesigned, no more unwanted scorings/advances occur on next rounds, using added Sub RestoreRollovers()

- Fixed: right roll-up trigger moved a bit because sometimes (often) the ball doesn't hit this trigger.

- Fixed: added missing SPECIAL handling for left and right roll-up (10k/20k/30k/40k/50k) (register #51).

- Fixed: outhole countdown bonus scoring was bad. Now fixed at 15k per rack ball, 10k per EIGHT letter and 50k per BALL letter.

- Fixed: only the right flipper button can rotate C-H-A-M-P lanes lights (clockwise), like real pinball game (also indicated on apron).

Unlit C-H-A-M-P are correctly saved during bonus countdown if they rotate (by right flipper button) during bonus countdown (reworked RestorePlayerState subroutine).

- Fixed: EXTRA BALL and SPECIAL for completed EIGHT sequences. EXTRA BALL can be flashing at start of game or when B of BALL is made (register #43).

- Added: scoring thresholds and related awards (registers #12/#13/#14, register #24 for award type, registers #32/#33/#34 for bookkeeping).

Thresholds can be entered in any orded (not sorted), the program will sort them, and cancels one if two are same.

- Added: High score to date / 10,000,000 award.

- Added: free play: if set to free play mode, the CREDIT display is always turned off, credit light on apron always on, and "nvCredits" variable remains unaffected.

- Reworked all indicators on backglass (based on some videos), used more realistic font (Arial Black).

- Added: missing SHOOT AGAIN and MATCH indicators.

- Fixed: GAME OVER indicator doesn't blink (based on some videos).

- Fixed: scores at zero now displayed like "00" (based on some videos and photos). Fixed also for the HUD reels.

- Added: related player's score display now blinks on new ball (blink will stop when scoring, based on some videos), same for HUD reels.

- Fixed: CREDIT display now displays two digits anytime, even if credit stock is less than 10 (based on some videos and photos).

- Added: MATCH feature with realistic sound effects. MATCH feature can be enabled/disabled (register #29).

- Added: new sounds: flippers (previous was too "woody" style), plunger and power switch (played only when "Play Table").

- Fixed: flippers can be activated between rounds (more realistic).

- Added: Now apron cards reflect the game setting! Both left and right model can be customized: standard (black & white) or color (red & blue), via... registers #18/#19!

- Fixed: Two invisible guides are added to close gap between lower bumper and pegs (to avoid ball stucks here).

- Fixed: Knocker routine (entirely redesigned).

- Many parts of the script are redesigned or optimized.


Third Release v1.2 2-6-2009

Bryce Jeannotte was kind enough to share the following modifications to my table, to make it better suited to running with the newest version Future Pinball.

The backglass overlay has been increased in size to 1024x1024.

Overlay areas have been set to a single colour.

High Score, Game Over, Tilt and Ball in Play text has been increased in size

to match the increase in overlay size.

The glow area around the High Score text has been increased to better

illuminate the text.

The Game Over light has been slightly repositioned to better illuminate the


All four player displays, the credit display and the ball display have been

"sent to front".

The balls per game has been hard coded to 5.

nvBallsPerGame has variable was changed to BallsPerGame variable in the game

over check routine to be consistent with the rest of the code.


Second Release v1.1 1-27-2006

ruckage sent me a version with all the graphics rescaled to power of 2's, which may give a good speed increase on certain video cards.

This is that version. If version 1.0 is running OK for you, you may not need this version, allthough it wouldnt hurt to try it. You might get a speed increase.

On my particular machine I did not notice a change.

Thanks, ruckage! I'll be sure to keep the power of 2 scale thing in mind for my future tables.


First Release v1.0 1-24-2006

This was a bit a fun to do.

Trying to match the actual behavior of a somewhat complex solid state game!

I ran my VPM version, and played a couple of games, while recording the audio on the computer. I used this audio track to find out the general timing of things, so when it came time to code the table, I could match the timer interval settings to match.

I then cut the various sounds I needed from the master audio file.

The size of the table is large, as I have all the sounds of the original table in this version.

Thanks to subZero for beta testing for me.


Enjoy Eight Ball Champ!

Kurt Herman

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