Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally, 1981) by skinooe

Bally SS Recreation FP Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally, 1981) by skinooe v2.1 Zedpinball Physics 1.0

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by martinB, skinooe
at 2014-09-14
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
Tradename Bally
Date 1980-09-15
IPD No. 762

FP Zedpinball

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This table is a mod of :
Eight Ball Deluxe 3.0
1st and 3rd Player solid Balls 1 thru 7
2nd and 4th Player play striped Balls 9 thru 15.

- A-B-C-D lanes score 3000 points each

- Making A-B lites top Rollovers alternately to score 25,000 points for A or B.
Making A-B-C-D advances Corner Pocket Value, spots Ball Targets and lets flash a bumper (see blow).

- Ball droptargets on right side score 2000 each. 8 ball target lites when all solid or all stripped balls are made.
The game remembers the made droptargets for each player and resets to the same state for next ball.
Ball droptargets also advance bonus for 7000 each ball.

- 8 ball droptarget in upper right corner scores the point value lit on playfield. With no lit it scores 500 points.
The lights get advanced to the next value: 20k, 40k, 60k and next is the special light between 8 ball target and kicker hole,
as also the special light on outholes.

- Making 8 Ball when lit lites deluxe on playfield and qualifies 8 ball super bonus Value for next ball.
It also awards one replay when eight ball special between flippers is lit.
This 8 ball special lites after 2nd completion of all ball targets.

- Corner pocket kicker hole scores bonus and super bonus when lit, both multiplicated with multiplier.
It also scores 1 special replay when the special light in front of the kickerhole is lit.

- Multiplier droptargets in left bank shot lane score indecated value and set multiplier value on target (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x).

- Bank shot (leaftarget) scores lit value on playfield, 50k or special. It alternates by each bank shot hit.

- Left loop scores lit value (500 points when not lit) and lites next higher value (10k, 30k, 50k, extra ball, 70k, special.
After special it scores 70k each time the rollover button is hit.

- Bumpers score 1000 when lit and 3000 when flashing. Bumpers flash with completing A-B-C-D.
First time upper left, second time upper right and third time the lower bumper.

- DELUXE targets score 3000 points each. Completing DELUxe scores lit value on playfield, 50k or special and resets ball targets.
It also adds 56k (7000 bonus * 8) to the super bonus. Lit DELUXE value alternates by each completion of DELUXE.

- Backglass DELUXE: Each time a DELUXE gets completet one of the DELUXE letters on backglas gets lit.
Completing all 6 letters on backglass scores 3 replays.

- Outlanes score 3000 and special when lit.

- Bonus is collected including super bonus with bonus multiplier when the ball hits the outhole.

taken from MartinB
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