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Elvis (Stern, 2004) VP8

VP8 Stern SS Recreation Elvis (Stern, 2004) VP8 v1.05 JP 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Stern 2004,
IPD No. 4983

Based on the pinball by Stern from 2004.
VPM Rom sounds by Destruk.

to wtiger for the nice pictures and for his wip table, it helped me to understand better the table.
to destruk for the rom samples and script

Revision History:

1.1 Updated 30 August 2008
- Tried to fix the magnet. It may work better now, but I'm nor sure.
- changed the deafult sound to samples only. The table is faster this way. Read the beginning of the script for a description on how to turn on rom sound.
- added a few extra ball images
- changed a little the plunger.

1.05 Updated 27 April 2008
Fixed Hound Dog
Changed some graphics

Fixed Sounds and Elvis moving.
Press 9 and set the sound 0 to hear Elvis using the samples.

1.03 Fixed some flashers not working

1.02 Fixed the exit from the upper playfield.

1.01 Added check for 1.56 vpm
1.0 Release version
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