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Elvis (Stern, 2004) VP9

VP9 Stern SS Recreation Elvis (Stern, 2004) VP9 v1.02

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Elvis (Stern, 2004) VP9 v1.02
by JPSalas
IPD No. 4983

Based on the pinball by Stern from 2004.
VPM Rom sounds by Destruk with changes by Gordon.

Revision History:

1.0 relased June 2010

1.01 updated 14 June
- fixed left ramp, ball hit the ramp and got nearly stuck under it.
- changed some settings for better controll the ball, f.ex. it is possible to pass the ball from flipper to flipper.
-changed some graphics

1.02 Updfated 15 June
- Fixed (again :) ) the ball getting stuck under the ramp
- New stereo Elvis sounds from Johanpsu
- adjusted some rubbers
Press 'R' during game

A nice intro of the game can be found here:

The table is adjusted to use the rom, but you need a fast computer.

If your computer is old you'll need to do this:

Go to line 62
.Games(cGameName).Settings.Value("sound") = 1
and change 1 to 0:
.Games(cGameName).Settings.Value("sound") = 0

Go to line 50
' Set MotorCallback = GetRef("TrackSounds")
and remove the ':
Set MotorCallback = GetRef("TrackSounds")

Save the table

There is a third option if your computer is neither old but not very fast either. The option consist in using teh samples for the sound, but at the same time the rom sound is turned on, but the sound volume of the rom is turned down.

This is:
You use set the line 50 to track the sounds:
Set MotorCallback = GetRef("TrackSounds")

but line 62 is:
.Games(cGameName).Settings.Value("sound") = 1

this is the ROM is turned on. Now you need to press the 9 key until the rom sound is completely off.

Now Elvis will dance also using the samples.
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