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Emerald Altar (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table Emerald Altar (Original) VP8 v1.27 (May, 2005)

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The high priestess approaches the Emerald Altar, hoping to perform the annual rituals successfully in order to bring good fortune to her people in the coming year. Will she succeed...?

I found this an engaging layout, with a rather beautiful dark-wood theme. The music really helps lend a mysterious 'ancient Celtic' vibe and builds up the atmosphere. As usual with @sphere, the basic idea is to discover how the table works and hit important shots in a timely manner.

The big star of this game is certainly the complex altar apparatus near the top-middle of the game. It consists of an engraved wooden face, surrounding features, and architecture. --@Isaac Sauvage
- Framing the face (above it) is an inverted half-arc loop. Hit the "emerald switch" at the lower-left end to raise a series of emerald targets to knock down. They won't stay up for long, but you can keep hitting the switch to start the process over again.

- The eyes themselves are powered by electromagnets that briefly capture the ball and flick it around. They sort of work in conjunction with the upper right flipper, which you can use to keep the ball alive and rack up loop points.

- Above the face is the head-piece (sort of like a bowl), which is where an extra ball can be collected, but only when a small gate briefly drops.

- Two balls can be temporarily locked in the lower right-side / left-side kicker holes to open gates around the altar, making it easier to get the ball to the top of the table. There is no actual multiball from what I'm seeing.

- Even though there's a center pin to help prevent SDTM drains, it's surprisingly easy to center drain, anyway. Playing defensively is a pretty safe strategy in this game, because many of the important shots can be attained by endurance as much as fast precision.

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very nice table....i didnt know my Wife had modeled for the table though.
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