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Empire Strikes Back, The (Hankin, 1980) VP8

VP8 SS Recreation Empire Strikes Back, The (Hankin, 1980) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Eala Dubh Sidhe/Aussie34/Destruk,
Hankin 1980,
IPD No. 2868

Complete all six flashing targets to light ball return lanes, spin targets and pop bumpers.

Complete four starship lanes to increase bonus multiplier.
Depress right flipper button to change the lit top lanes.

Make the right hand drop target to open the ball exit lane. Hit this target when flashing to score 50,000 points.

Make the left land drop targets to score 500 points and 1 bonus. Completing all three scores 10,000 points through 25,000 points and a special.

Light Planet Dagobah and Bespin by making ball return lanes when they are flashing.

Making Planet Dagobah scores value of left hand drop targets and value of the bonus when lit.

Tilt Penalty=Ball In Play
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