Escape From Monkey Island (Original) VP8 by Ian Taylor

VP8 SS Original Table Escape From Monkey Island (Original) VP8 by Ian Taylor v1.00RC (with music)

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Escape From Monkey Island (Original) VP8 v1.00RC
by Ian Taylor (with music)
Ike's notes:​
This masterpiece of a classic used to be hosted at our sister site, Pinball-Originals, and it's about time it came to PN. "EfMI" is a deep, modern-style table that often requires expert flipper & nudge play to keep the ball alive.

The game almost works correctly in VP9, but the modes don't seem to start correctly. Would be great if someone came along and felt like finishing the conversion to either VP9 or VPX to get the benefit of the better physics. The table itself could no doubt use some tweaking and upgrades, such as adding a skillshot, simulating a proper cabinet, and improving the lighting.
Main rules:​
Scumm Loop (left ramp): Hit increasing number of times to gain awards. 12 Awards.
Banana Ramp (right ramp): When banana picker in inventorty, adds 1 banana per ramp = 1 second extra mode length time.
Hit barrels to increase grog bonus. Score barrels X your barrel score. Barrel score increases by 1500 every scumm loop shot,
+ 10 barrels every grog can spin.

Insult targets: Hit all insult targets to open scumm bar. Hit scumm bar to start lit mode.
Ball save targets: Hit both targets within a short time period to enable quick ball save.
Monkey targets: Hit all 3 targets to defeat monkeys. 10 combat levels. When level 10 reached Monkey Beat mode activated.
VooDoo captive ball: Hit 3 times to activate Voodoo Lady. Hit once more to activate mystery award. Press flipper to stop award.
Monkey head: Hit 4 times to open head lock. Hit once more to lock ball. Lock 3 balls for Le Chuck multiball:
Shoot left ramp to enable jackpot and 2x jackpot consecutively, shoot monkey head to collect jackpot,
shoot LeChuck to collect super jackpot.

Entrances and Loops:
Scumm Bar: When open lit mode enabled. When EB lit extra ball collected.
Left loop: Shoot 3 times to unlock grog machine. (collect barrel score)
Right Loop: Shoot 2 times in a combo to increase bonus multiplier. Extra Ball lit at 12X Bonus.
All entrances allow acces to the grog machine when activated.

Le Chuck:
Shoot lechuck to collect escape items on completion of modes.
When all items are collected Escape mode lit.

(When Super lit):Collect Super jackpot award.
(When Hurry lit):Collect hurryup award. Remaining times is added to next Hurry Up.
(When item lit): shoot LeChuck to collect increasing scores for each escape item collected.

Items: Get by completing:

Family heirlooms Voodoo Magic
Monkey mug Spitting Competition
Banana picker High Dive
Gubernatorial seal Sword Master
Map Dainty Lady
Bronze hat Monkey Combat
Gold horde Treasure Hunt
Corpse Grave Digger

VooDoo Magic:
2-Ball multiball with magnet release. Hit captive ball to collect voodoo items.
Captive ball awards: easy=3, medium=4, hard=5.

Spitting competition:
Shoot the grog machine to enter. Rapidly push the flipper keys to gain spit distance.
Gain points for distance and level cleared.
Levels: easy=3, medium=4, hard=5.

High Dive:
Shoot the grog machine to enter competition.
Follow the sequence of flippers, plunger and start keys to defeat
marco de polo.
6 increasing levels: easy=4, medium=5, hard=6.

Sword Master:
Knock down all the insult targets before the timer runs out to counter the insults.
Insult levels: easy=3, medium=4, hard=5.

Dainty Lady:
Shoot the moving entrance to get your crew and ship. 3 random entrances.

Ultimate Monkey Combat:
Monkey targets are displayed in random order. Hit the monkey targets in sequence to hit le chuck.
If target hit incorrectly sequence must be restarted. Hit lechuck 3 times o defeat him.
Levels: easy=2 (6 targets), medium=3 (9 targets), hard=3 (9 targets with less time).

Grave Digger:
Shoot the entrances in sequence (Scumm Loop, Banana Ramp, Le Chuck and Captive Ball).
If any shot missed, sequence must be repeated from the beginning.

Treasure Hunt:
Shoot left loop twice in combo, then shoot the random blinking monkey target,
then shoot the random blinking insult letter, then shoot captive ball.

Special Modes:
Monkey Beat: (Enabled after reaching Combat level 10, gained by hitting LeChuck)
Follow the monkeys pattern and repeat it in time wth the music. Use buttons "1" "2" "3" to operate monkeys.
Score 5000000. All correct beats hit = extra ball lit.

Escape Mode: (Enabled after completing all modes)
4-Ball Multiball timed for 30 seconds, shoot all switches on the table to complete mode and Escape Monkey Island.
Points Bonus: Number of switches hit X the number of items collected. Each item increases the switch value by 250000.
Operator Menu:​
At start of the table and before inserting coin, pressing the "6" key enables operator menu.
4 options available: number of balls, difficulty level, reset high scores and nudging allowed on/off.
Left Flipper Key selects the current option
Right Flipper Key changes the value.
Press "1" to set the value.
Press "6" key again to exit.

Status Report (help):
Press "F1" at any time during gameplay to generate a status report detailling various information regarding features and modes.
Known Issues:​
1) Nudging during certain modes and table operations is likely to cause unexpected errors,
for this reason a nudge enable / disable has been added to the operator menu.
2) On (very rare) occasions the ball may become stuck inside the monkey head.
3) On (very rare) occasions the ball may become stuck inside left and right hidden magnet kickers.
4) Scores over 1 Billion will be displayed from 0 onwards.
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