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Eye Wonder (Original)

SS Original Table FP Eye Wonder (Original) v1.3

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Solid State Machines
by twentydegree
at 2012-01-29
Type Original

It is my third pinball creation with some ameliorations. If you look at my older version wich is 1.2 and look the script you'll see the difference. Also some peoples that i know have suggested to me to add more background music. Since hearing the same background music in loop, could give some headache. So ive added 2 other musics. The three music play one after an other, and when the musics have been played it's start back again, so it's less headeach.

The more you advance in the game, and depending of the color arrow of the spinning door, the points change and get bigger. So the score points advance faster. Also 2 background musics have been added on the 1.3 version.

The rules are simple:

1 - Hit the Left and Right target group to lit the coresponding big green circle light.

2 - The big green left circle light, correspond to the left upper kicker hole.

3 - The big green right circle light, correspond to the right upper kicker hole.

4 - Light up the left and right same side arrow color, to make some lights that are between the flippers to on.

5 - Depending of the color arrow lit activated by the spinner and how advance you are in the game. The drop target points change, the lanes points change and the bumpers points change.

6 - The holes on the side at the same hight of the flipper, can save the ball if the red light below it is lit.

7 - To light up the red (save ball) circle lights on the side, hit a bumper.

8 - You can light up the left save ball red light by making the two blue left circle light on the side light up.

9 - You can light up the right save ball red light by making the two blue right circle light on the side light up

10 - Depending of how you have advanced in the game and wich light in on; the points get bigger and bigger.

11 - Try to have a multiball to light up the middle big purple circle light on and to make more points.

12 - Try to compete your score with some friends, and have fun.
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