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F-14 Tomcat - Afterburner (PinEvent V2, FizX 3.0)

SS Original Table BAM FizX FP F-14 Tomcat - Afterburner (PinEvent V2, FizX 3.0) 1.6

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Solid State Machines
F-14 Tomcat - Afterburner (PinEvent V2, FizX, UPro)

Version: 1.6 (July 2023)

This is SLAMT1LT’s F-14 Tomcat (Ultimate Pro 1.01) table which has been updated to my AFTERBURNER and PinEvent V2 mod. It has been completely updated to use the newest BAM features to create an amazing real-time visual treat with cool new additions, as well as excellent new mechanical sounds from FLEEP!

See new features such as real beacon lighting, new mesh inserts with animated RGB lighting effects, new shadowmaps, ray cast shadows, updated playfield art, and more.

I’ve added options to change between Modern / Original / AfterBurner music and Modern or Arcade (AfterBurner) PUP-Pack displays at any time during gameplay!


This table has been fully updated with FizX v3.0 physics for game changing new physics on Future Pinball. FizX uses techniques similar to nFozzy physics on VPX to completely change the physics for the flippers, slings, rubbers, targets, ball behavior and more that allows this table play much more realistically than anyone ever thought was possible on Future Pinball. You will be amazed at the difference!


PinEvent V2

This table is also updated to fully support PinEvent V2 features (DOF, PUP SSF, PUP DMD). It has modern PUP DMD display options that can work with all setups. With it's crisp HD text and dazzling videos, it's sure to wow everyone who sees it.


For a video walkthrough of the updates, new features, and all game modes, watch here:


screenshot desktop.jpg

screenshot 3.jpg

screenshot 2.jpg

screenshot cabinet.jpg

Thanks of course to these awesome contributors:

SLAMT1LT and Chaos: table build
SLAMT1LT: Ultimate Pro 1.01 update
TerryRed: AFTERBURNER table update, PinEvent V2, FizX
Puma: topperlight
JPSalas: apron image
wtiger + ian: plastics source
ganjafarmer: new 4K playfield redraw image

Schlabber34: insert jewel images
FLEEP: mechanical sounds
JLou: FizX and support
ravarcade: BAM and support
Nailbuster: Pinup Player, PUP DMD, PUP SSF
Chris Leathley: Future Pinball


This table is a fan-made work of passion, and is NOT intended for commercial usage or to be included in any part of a commercial sale!


This table is 4 player.


Desktop Static Camera Views (attract mode)
  • press plunger to cycle through different static views

Special 1 or Special 2 key will toggle between Music / Video modes at any time



BAM Ray Cast Ball Shadows:
  • this table was created to look best with the new BAM Ray Cast Ball shadows
  • this feature is ENABLED on the table script by default
  • this feature requires a fast video card, and will use much more of your GPU
  • if the table doesn’t run smooth, then your PC may not be fast enough to handle this feature (and you should disable it)

To disable this feature, you MUST “first” disable it in TABLE OPTIONS (in the table script), AND in the BAM menu “afterward” while playing
  • open BAM menu (~ or Q by default), and goto "Addons - Configure Ball and Shadows"

BAM Menu - Light and Post Processing settings:
  • BAM Lighting and Post Processing settings are set by the table script and will ALWAYS override the user's settings
  • this is required to ensure that all lighting is set correctly at all times.

Physics: FizX v3.0

PinEvent V2 features for this table:
  • DOF
  • PUP Stream
  • Night Mode key
  • TILT BOB key


Game not running smooth? Try the following:
  • run FP in Fullscreen, not Windowed
  • disable RayCast Ball Shadows in TABLE OPTIONS "first", then disable in the BAM menu while playing (Addons - Configure Ball and Shadows)
  • disable Reflections options in FP's Video / Rendering settings
  • reduce / disable Antialiasing in FP's Video / Rendering settings
  • disable any SSAO options in BAM plugins menu (disabled by default)


TABLE REQUIREMENTS (very important!)
  • All Visual C++ Runtime updates
  • FP and BAM (updated to 1.5-365 or higher)
  • Future Pinball and BAM Essentials AIO package (installed AFTER installing FP or after updating BAM)
  • my BAM Settings files installed
  • the REQUIRED “Video / Rendering Options” and “Editor Options” set in Future Pinball settings (included with the table's zip file)


  • PLEASE read the Install Instructions (included with the table's zip file)
  • it shows you how to check what version of BAM you have installed
  • it shows you how to install all the REQUIRED items above (and provides links to download them)
  • it shows you how to easily setup FP and BAM with the REQUIRED settings
  • there is a FAQ included that will answer most questions!

It's super easy, and only takes minutes to do!


How to run Future Pinball to play the table
  • PLEASE read the Install Instructions (included with the table's zip file) to know how to properly use FP and BAM



Read the Install Instructions included in the table's zip file.

It tells you everything you need to know, has a very helpful FAQ, and has lots of pretty pictures!

Again, read the FAQ and the Install Instructions in the table's zip file!




- updated table for FizX v3.0
- new built in Static Camera Views for Desktop mode (toggle with plunger during attract mode)
- small fixes
- new install instructions
- ball rolling sounds changed in table and in pup-pack
- updated spinners to use Wecoc's spinner code


- updated FizX physics code to change how ball ID's are handled to prevent conflicts
- updated FizX physics code for more efficient Rubber bounce handling
- updated Ball Rolling Sound code to change how ball ID's are tracked to prevent conflicts
- removed old PUPRollingUpdateTimer commands that are no longer used (would give an error if PinEvent Settings were forced to be disabled)


- updated to JLou's newest FizX v2.0 code
- added JLou's bug fix for ball falling into 2nd or 3rd set of flippers
- new FizX code no longer requires flipper Swing Angle to be specified in the FizX Flipper settings!
- FizX slingshots, drop targets, rubbers are now set in the FizX General Settings section (not in a FizX Profile)
- FizX XML_FPS is now set in its own section
- updated FizX Profiles to only change FizX Flipper settings
- there are no longer FizX Profiles used for different physics xml settings
- any settings needed for a different PHYSICS XML FPS is now set in the FizX FPS settings section


- removed some test key functions
- fix for Tilt Warnings not resetting at the end of each ball
- added kicker for ramp booster instead of ball velocity
- updated table and physics to FizX v2.0 (now use 1K Physics ball model zip file)
- updated PinEvent V2 Ball Rolling functions: new singular code for both FP and PUP SSF (no more smoke ball rolling code)
- updated PinEvent V2 PinMechSound code to support new FizX auto hit events based on PF materials
- added more FLEEP mechanical sounds to support new FizX dynamic ball hit events
- this allows for amazing new dynamic mechanical and SSF sounds for the entire table!


- updates to the table, layout, code, sound, music, items, lighting, models, etc
- removed older items / surfaces / lights no longer used
- adjusted table geometry to allow for better ball flow
- updated BAM lighting and post processing
- updated entire table's G.I. and lighting
- new insert models, lighting, textures, normal maps, decals
- new shadowmaps for G.I and flashers (made to work properly with ray cast ball shadows)
- new FLEEP mechanical sounds
- updated entire table for FizX physics
- added option to change both music and PuP-Pack video display between Modern / Original / Afterburner / Arcade
- added PinEvent V2 support for DOF, SSF, PUP DMD, PUP Stream, TILT BOB, etc
- added TABLE OPTIONS to customize many things on startup, and for performance, etc.
- added new "real" Beacon Lighting using BAM mini playfield and hardware lights
- added new RGB animated effects for inserts
- added new RGB lighting to inserts
- added new sideblades and art
- added and adapted new 4K playfield redrawn image from ganjafarmer
- added PuP Afterburner videos for Arcade mode
- updated the music to now have options to change to new Afterburner music
- added new apron wire trim
- updated upperleft ramp hub, and added new plastic top cover
- added fixes for Damage 100% (now properly makes the game act like a tilt, and ends Yakov mode)
- lots of other updates and details I can't keep track of :)
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Thank you so much, Terry!
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WOW, just WOW. Amazing work on updating this beautiful table Terry!
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Great update, but one weird thing on this table but not other FixZ.. the V key does a crazy powerful nudge yet it is not defined anywhere. (and on my system mapped to left flipper). I can't find any keycodes or anything else indicating the V key has a function. Terry or anyone, if you press V on your keyboard do you get a crazy nudge? work around? Thanks
Yes, I caught that after release. I forgot to remove those test keys (it was for testing). In the script, remove the lines that start with "If keycode = 45" and "If keycode = 47", and that should no longer happen. I'll have a hotfix update that will follow later, as the TILT function wasnt resetting either.
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Love the music and videos. Gets my heart pumping while playing! GREAT updates/upgrades!!
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