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F-14 Tomcat (Original) (Ultimate Pro) PinEvent

SS Original Table BAM FP F-14 Tomcat (Original) (Ultimate Pro) PinEvent (v1.01 - PinEvent)

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Solid State Machines
F-14 Tomcat (Original) (Ultimate Pro) PinEvent (v1.01 - PinEvent)

This isn't your Grandpa's F-14 Tomcat!

This is SLAMT1LT's Ultimate Pro version with all new sounds, music and dazzling visuals... only now it's taken to a whole new level with a massive action packed TerryRed PinEvent update!

Now featuring all new RGB animated lighting, updated BAM physics, and some stellar new beacon lighting, as well as a massive PinEvent update!

F-14 Tomcat (Ultimate Pro 1.01) - PinEvent 1.02.jpg


With full PinEvent support, the table now has excellent DOF feedback, animated MX Led lighting, SSF, an action packed PuP-Pack and PUPDMD with complete support for ALL cabinet and desktop setups for ALL users.

Enjoy additional cool features provided with PUP Stream options to see the PuP-Pack and FullDMD on the table's backbox, apron, playfield mini-screen, and desktop HUD in all views (desktop, cabinet, vr).

Switch Between Modern and Retro:

Use the Special Button to switch between Ultimate Pro mode (for updated modern music, PuPDMD and Videos), Original music, Afterburner music, and Arcade mode (Afterburner videos and music) at any time during gameplay! It's like 3 games in one!

This makes for the most explosive F-14 Tomcat you've ever seen.


- PinEvent 1.4 or higher installed
- Future Pinball
- latest version of BAM (1.5-317 or higher)
- Pinup Player 1.45 or higher for PuP features


- the table, PuP-Pack, and new Install Instructions PDF are all included at the new download link
- everything you need to know is included in the Install Instructions PDF (included in the table's ZIP file)

PinEvent Features for this table:

- MX Leds
- PuP-Pack
- PUP Stream


Option 0 - DMD, Backglass
Option 1 - Real DMD, Backglass
Option 2 - Full DMD, Backglass
Option 3 - Full DMD on Backglass
Option 4 - Backbox AIO - Square - Speaker Panel, Full DMD, Backglass
Option 5 - Backbox AIO - 4x3 and 5x4 - Speaker Panel, Full DMD, Backglass
Option 6 - PUP Stream - Desktop - FullDMD, Backglass

TerryRed PinEvent mod and Table updates:

- added new "real" Beacon Lighting using BAM mini playfield and hardware lights
- added RGB animated sequences for inserts
- added new RGB lighting to inserts
- added decals for all inserts
- added non coloured inserts to new 4K playfield image
- added and adapted new 4K playfield redrawn image from @ganjafarmer
- added PuP Afterburner videos for Arcade mode
- completely updated the music to now have options to switch between Ultimate Pro, Original, Afterburner, Arcade
- added full PinEvent support for DOF, MX Leds, PuP SSF, PUP DMD, PUP Stream
- added fixes for Damage 100% (now properly makes the game act like a tilt, and ends Yakov mode)
- adjusted physics in the xml and dynamic flippers code to prevent a cradled ball from falling through the flippers
- updated table to support PinEvent 1.4
- changed the colour of all item's in the game room to white to make it more visible in VR mode and with adjusted lighting
- adjusted BAM lighting and post processing
- added option for adjusting brightness for light inserts
- added option for adjusting brightness for GI flashers
- adjusted GI nano flashers colour to white

Thanks to:

- Chaos & SLAMT1LT - original build
- SLAMT1LT - Script, Music, Sound Design/Editing and Dots, Additional Artwork
- Chaos - original artwork sourcing
- Puma for topperlight
- jpsalas for playfield and apron source
- wtiger + ian for plastics source
- ganjafarmer for new 4K playfield redraw image
- ravarcade for the amazing updates to BAM and FP he has brought us over the last few years
- Nailbuster for Pinup Player
- Chris Leathley for Future Pinball

For SLAMT1LT's latest Future Pinball tables, goto his website:

https://speak1970.wixsite.com/slamspinballemporium (Home | ULTIMATEProPinball)

For EPIC video previews of this table in action check out these videos:

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  1. Table script had PUP Stream enabled in Custom settings

    Table script had PUP Stream enabled in Custom settings This had no effect normally unless the...
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